Friday, December 21, 2007

FeedBack: The strange death of Jerry Garcia

FeedBack: The strange death of Jerry Garcia
Matt Beal
Tue Dec 18, 2007

I read somewhere, I think it was an article by you that was posted on the Internet, that Jerry Garcia was an advocate of the theory that The Committee of 300 controls the world, and that his death may have been linked to his political views.

Can you tell me where I could find more information about this?


Robalini's Response: There used to be a Website dedicated to the "Jerry Garcia Was Murdered" theory, but it was closer to "Bert Is Evil!" (i.e. a joke site) than "Stephen King Murdered John Lennon!" On this site, there was a quote from Jerry claiming he believed in the 300 Committee conspiracy theory (ironic since Lyndon Larouche claims the Dead were a British intelligence operation tied to LSD.)

I can't find it on the web, nor can I even find an old link to it via the now defunct (I believe that's how I first heard about it) through, but someone may have it, as I did pass it around. If I find the old URL, I'll look for it on for you.

The quote is tongue-in-cheek mentioned in passing in the October 1997 Beast of the Month Award for Queen Elizabeth:

Then there is Dr. John Coleman, who writes about THE COMMITTEE OF 300, an international secret society that rules the world with an iron fist. (Ironically, Jerry Garcia, shortly before his "overdose" - yes, that's right, another potential conspiracy - reputedly became a big proponent of the Committee of 300 theory, which proves that, as far as reputed British mind-kontrol operatives go, he was one of the most unwitting.)

This is probably how you heard about it. That little tidbit received a lot of interest back then, and I would later pass around text from the Jerry Garcia site in response. One of the people who received it was R.U. Sirius of MONDO 2000, and he passed it to Dead lyricist John Perry Barlow. In response, Barlow vehemently denied there was any truth to the quote, and also denied there was any truth to the claim Garcia was murdered. What a spoilsport! John Perry Barlow, don't tase me, bro!!!

As a final note, check out the 1997 movie Conspiracy Theory, with warm and cuddly Mel Gibson playing a conspiracy theorist (ironically named Jerry.) Here's an exchange between Gibson and Julia Roberts:

Jerry: You know why the Grateful Dead are always on tour? Because they're all British intelligence agents. They're all spies. Jerry Garcia himself has a double 00 rating, just like James Bond.

Alice: Jerry Garcia is dead.

Jerry: That's what they want you to think.

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