Sunday, June 17, 2012

New Dr. Hulda Clark Blog

Dr. Hulda Clark, PhD., N.D., was a remarkable scientist. She discovered that everything in existence emits a radio frequency or range of radio frequencies by which it can be identified. The new method of analysis she pioneered using that discovery is many thousands of times more sensitive and accurate than anything used by other scientists today.

Using this information, Dr. Clark identified the true causes of many diseases. She then determined that when those causes were removed, the diseases were cured.

Rather than submitting her findings for clinical trials for confirmation (which could have taken years), she made her findings directly available to the public by publishing them in books. There are many thousands of satisfied individuals worldwide who have used her information to cure their diseases or otherwise keep themselves healthy.

Unfortunately, Dr. Clark and her discoveries were targets of a massive disinformation and vilification campaign perpetrated by the highly-profitable mainstream medical establishment and its minions. Otherwise, her discoveries would be more widely known and many more people would be able to benefit from them. Her discoveries have the potential of positively affecting the health of everyone in the world.

Steven Swan has been studying and using Dr. Clark's health discoveries and health protocols for many years to keep himself healthy. He has also used them to cure his own asthma and his own psoriasis.

Swan has a Dr. Hulda Clark blog where he disseminates her discoveries, inventions, and protocols to others. It is located at

Swan also has a consulting service for anyone wishing assistance in implementing Dr. Clark's discoveries and protocols to cure their own ailments or diseases. It is located at

Swan has also updated Dr. Clark's cures for asthma, psoriasis, eczema, epilepsy, and seizures using information that Dr. Clark provided in her last cancer-curing book. They are located at The cost is only $19.95 each.

Steven Swan

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