Thursday, May 3, 2007

Robalini Has Entered The Blogosphere

Well, it's official: The Konformist now has its own official Blog, via Robalini. Here is the URL:

(Why not instead? Good question. It seems that's already been taken, but isn't being used. Oh well.)

Hopefully, I will soon be posting my thoughts regularly through this as well as through The Konformist Yahoo Groups. I am still settling in Las Vegas (across from the Hard Rock Hotel) and this may take up to six months, so I still may not post as much as I once did. But soon, The Konformsit will be all caught up and ready to rock. Yes, this can be labeled a comeback.

See you soon.

Robert Sterling
AKA Robalini


shlomo said...

Welcome to the blogosphere.....
Then you won't mind if I invtite you here:

Anonymous said...

hmm... nice thoughts

Anonymous said...

итак: восхитительно!! а82ч