Thursday, August 30, 2007

Father Daughter Purity Balls

It's purity season!!

Experience the evangelical phenomenon sweeping the country!!

Father Daughter Purity Balls

What is a father/daughter purity ball?

It's an evangelical dress-up prom/wedding hybrid attending by young girls and their dates: their Dads! The girls pledge their virginity to their fathers and the fathers pledge to watch over the virginity until it transfers to the girl's future husband!

Now, finally Hollywood Goes Pure!

The Hollywood Father/Daughter Purity Ball

An elegant night of food, dancing, entertainment, celebration of virginity, and father/daughter intimacy.

September 8th and 15th
7:30 cocktails - 8pm show
The Bulgarian Cultural Center – 1530 Vermont – north of sunset, free parking

for tickets go to or call 323-960-5771
limited tix so please call now

Everyone who comes in "prom-wear" will receive a free t-shirt that says "Once you Pop You can't Stop!"

Please note: this is a parody. For info on real purity balls, check out:

produced by Laura Summer and Maggie Rowe
written by Maggie Rowe and JIm Vallely

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