Friday, November 20, 2009

Health "Reform" Fact of the Week

"The public-option debate is frustrating some Democrats, who have come to believe that a government-run plan is neither as radical as its conservative critics have portrayed, nor as important as its liberal supporters contend. Any public plan is likely to have a relatively narrow scope, as it would be offered only to people who don't have access to coverage through an employer. The public option would effectively be just another insurance plan offered on the open market. It would likely be administered by a private insurance provider, charging premiums and copayments like any other policy. In an early estimate of the House bill, the Congressional Budget Office forecast that fewer than 12 million people would buy insurance through the government plan."

So, as I've been warning, even the "public option" debate is a fraud, as the Democrats have no interest in providing an honest alternative to the insurance oligopoly...

Source: Washington Post

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Wellescent Health said...

The Democrats are too divided to even consider a real public option for which the goal is healthy citizens. Instead, they are creating a compromise that may be better than what we have now, but still leaves the insurance companies with more power than is good for those paying for insurance. We can only hope that the efforts continue as the kinks are worked out.