Friday, September 24, 2010

Marijuana Ice Cream

Marijuana Ice Cream
Sep 15, 2010

A dispensary in California is now offering three flavors of cannabis ice cream to its patients. The operator of the Creme De Canna says it has always been his passion to make marijuana “deliciously amazing.”

Marijuana ice cream is not new. Recipes have passed back and forth between pot users since at least the ’60s, and directions for an untold number of flavors abound on the Internet. But commercial sale of the product is in its infancy, and prospects for this and other marijuana products loom large as California voters decide the legality of pot, beyond just prescription users, this November.

If Prop 19 passes in November the marketplace for cannabis products will indeed “loom large.” Without a reason to hide, cannabis users all over the state won’t have to worry about what they purchase, and who could find it if their homes were searched. Legalization will spur innovation. Not only in edibles and growing equipment, but the whole array of cannabis paraphernalia, including vaporizers, bongs, and hookahs.

The economic potential of the marijuana market cannot be measured yet, only speculated upon. But prohibition can act as an economic suppressor in many ways. Who knows how many cannabis users in CA have forgone a purchase simply because the item was illegal to own in many cases? Sure, cannabis is easy to get and easy to flush if you get raided – and don’t have a medical marijuana card – but you can’t flush a bong or grow lights.

This means new businesses and new jobs; when did those things become bad?

- Joe Klare

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