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The Banksters' Banquet

Join the ranks of the Billionaire Banker-Gangsters, affectionately known as the smiling "Banksters". Take a time-machine ride through modern society's hidden history & re-live the secret events that shaped today's world. Now you're seeing eye-to-eye with the highly respected Kings & Queens of the Financial Elite, who rule the world like shadows behind the scenes, hidden from the media spotlight of full disclosure. Push the buttons, pull the strings & make Presidents & Prime Ministers dance in your own personal puppet show. Pit your wit & skill against other power-hungry, power-brokers & Reign Supreme as the "Bankster Boss".

Past and Present Words of Wisdom and Warning from Powerful Leaders will Guide You!

American Revolution of 1776
1750's Colonial Script Currency issued interest-free, results in great prosperity. Currency Act of 1764 passed in England says Colonies must pay taxes in gold and silver coins only, results in depression and unemployment. In Ben Franklin's autobiography he claims this "was the prime reason for the Revolutionary War".

2nd U.S. Central Bank Dies
President Andrew Jackson boasts "I killed the bank". He vetos renewal of the charter for the 2nd Bank of the United States and pays off the national debt. 1835 Assassination attempt by Richard Lawrence fails when both pistols misfire. Central Bank Charter expires and stays dead for 77 years.

Monetary Control Act of 1980
Allows Federal Reserve system to "monetize the debt" or turn any debt instrument into fiat money, including loans to all foreign governments. U.S. Money supply is increased 10 fold. Inflation causes prices to rise because purchasing power declines and the "Hidden Tax" on Americans equals 10 times the U.S. national debt.

Gold Commission of 1981
President Ronald Reagan's gold commission finds that the U.S. Treasury owns no gold. All the remaining gold is being held as collateral by the Federal Reserve against the national debt. Using credits made from nothing the Federal Reserve stole the largest treasure of gold on earth.

Wealth & Power are Yours for the Taking in a Financial Feast of Currency Cuisine.


The Johnson Motor

Watch The Short Presentation Now (In Case We’re Forced To Take It Down) To Discover How You Can Slash Your Electric Bills!


Three Sons Lobster & Fish

72 Commercial St, Maine Wharf
Portland, Maine 04101
Store- (207) 761-0825
Fax- (207) 761-1995
Toll-Free- 1-866-LUV-TAIL

Three Sons Lobster & Fish started eighteen years ago as a smack (a fishing boat used to transport the catch to market) located off the coast of Cliff Island in Casco Bay, Maine. Casco Bay is off of Portland, which is the largest city in Maine.

Each day the lobster men and women of the area set out to haul their gear at sunrise. When they are done, they head to the smack to sell their catch and purchase bait. Depending on the amount of gear and if there are stern men (helpers), the boats start coming home anywhere from noon to sundown. Once all of the lobsters are purchased, The Three Sons (which is the name of our boat) heads for Portland to drop off the days catch.

Today, Three Sons Lobster & Fish is still located off Cliff Island where in the summer months tourists are welcome to stop by the float and purchase live lobsters right from the smack. Three Sons Lobster & Fish now has a land-based location on Commercial Street in Portland on the Maine Wharf. Here, we have a wholesale and retail store that is open to the public year round. Three Sons Lobster & Fish has a small gift shop in our working tank room where customers can see how the lobsters are kept, separated, and sold. We can cook the lobsters on premises for take out or catering. While all of this is happening Three Sons Lobster & Fish also ships live lobsters, live crabs, scallops, live steamers, fresh haddock, and all of our other fine products nationwide.



Our formula is simple: Great Gear + Insanely Low Prices = DealSergeant Daily Deal.The gear we feature is intended for shooting sports, hunting, hiking, camping, adventures, military, police, security, survival and tactical uses. We work hard to get the lowest price possible. We often go straight to the factory and scour the world over for end of lots, overstock items, surplus inventory and liquidation sales. After finding good gear at great prices we buy in large quantities for the absolute best pricing and then sell to our customers with the smallest possible mark-up that can keep us in business.

We take great pride in the products that we find and deals we can offer and generally would not be caught selling anything we would not anxiously use ourselves. Heck, the reason we started this site in the first place was because we wanted to get great prices on great gear and figured if we were selling it maybe we could keep some an item or two from time to time for areasearch purposes.


EnerHealth Botanicals

EnerHealth Botanicals was incorporated in 2005 by Steve St. Clair and Darren Craddock with the goal of promoting conscious wellness for the mind, body, and soul.

Being both Vegetarians and Green Drink enthusiasts, we were dissatisfied with the current green drink offerings on the market. Too many fillers, non-organic ingredients, expensive, and overall poor results.

So we decided that it was time for a new superfood green drink, so joined together to create a green drink that we would drink and be proud of. After months of testing formulas in Darren's kitchen and many prayers we found a formula that we felt achieved our goals and thus Enerfood was born.

We also decided that we wanted to offer people a company that actually cared about their overall health and well-being. Too many companies use call-centers or have people answering the phones that have no clue about health or human compassion. One of our main goals is to offer our customers, real customer service from real people that live and breathe our views.

Until recently, we were the ones answering the phones on a daily basis getting to know our customers. We have created many valuable bonds over the years with all of you and we are privileged to be able to assist you in your health goals.


ProArgi-9 Plus

What is ProArgi-9 Plus?

ProArgi-9 Plus, an L-arginine Complexer
A natural nutraceutical supplement that combines the latest technology and superior ingredients to enhance heart health, regeneration and anti-aging. Formulated in collaboration with leading L-arginine researchers.


Affirmations For The Mind

Wanted: “People Who Need A Fast & Easy Way To Create Unlimited Health, Wealth, Prosperity And Inner Peace With This Simple, Guaranteed System!”


Metaphysical Musing

This website is my metaphysical writings based on a lifetime of meditation, reading, wandering, and research. Who am I? I am anyone whoever sought the truth, whoever felt themselves to be a ‘stranger in a strange land’, whoever longed for their freedom.

I was born in 1945 in the wild wild west. From the very first time I remember feeling, I felt misplaced, born out of family, out of time, from another planet. In 1964 I began to seriously study what I now collectively call metaphysics – the search for truth ‘beneath the curtain of each atom.’

Over the years I have read hundreds of books on metaphysics, spirituality, and religion. I have found the Sanskrit texts of Hinduism, Lao Tzu, and the writings of the Sufis to speak clearly - at least to me. This website will include many sources, but since 2003 I have been focusing on translations of the Sanskrit texts and more recently teaching myself Sanskrit, and thus what is written here will reflect these ancient timeless eternal teachings.

Nothing is set in stone. Nothing. These words are only meant to inspire you and invite you to wander through your own holographic reality, and there create an inimitable, private, personal relationship with the God-within you. Question everything and never believe anything that does not resonate with your own inner being.

Your path Home is unique to you and solely yours. Why would Isness/God, The One who is infinitely diverse in It’s manifestations, want us all to realize our Oneness in the same way? Clones are only useful to the mechanisms of control and consumption; with little or no imagination, they are disposable. Find your own Way. That is the future of Truth.



Carnivora is the 100 percent absolutely PURE PHYTONUTRIENT EXTRACT and CAPSULE of Dionaea Muscipula, the particular species of the venus flytrap plant. Development of this extract began in Germany in the late 1970's by German physician Dr. Helmut Keller.

This specific German technology employs a method of manufacturing that yields the 100 percent pure capsule product and pure liquid extract. Our 100% PURE Liquid Extract product is not even diluted with water. It is entirely free of alcohol, glycerin, propylene glycol and all other toxic excipients and fillers.

Nothing is added. Nothing is deleted.

Our Capsule product is also 100% PURE - not even diluted with water. It contains silica and cellulose powder - non-toxic to humans and animals.

There is NO other.

We are the SOLE manufacturer of Carnivora around the world.



Why Choose Zantac®?

Because heartburn is different for everyone, there are a range of treatment options available. Read about different types of heartburn medications below to find out which one is right for you.

If you choose Zantac®, you'll be happy to know that Zantac® has been a trusted name in heartburn relief for more than two decades. The active ingredient, ranitidine, has been prescribed by doctors to effectively treat and prevent heartburn for millions of patients.

Zantac® products work fast to prevent heartburn when taken before a meal or quickly relieves tough symptoms once they've started—providing up to 12 hours of relief, day or night.


Coffee Fool

Oh I am sorry. What did I do? Ever since putting The Coffee Fool coffees online, I have been beaten regularly by customers for clueing them into the secret on 'fresh' coffee. Why? Because they can no longer stand the taste of coffee they get at work, gas stations, even... coffee stores - in a world of stale coffee, they are ruined on our fresh.

So if you happen to be a newbie to The Coffee Fool and want to keep your coffee innocence intact - look away. Otherwise, here comes the knowledge (read as sales pitch) that may very well ruin you too.

Nearly all of the coffee out there is stale. The good news is that stale coffee is drinkable if you've never had truly fresh coffee. The bad news is that once you've tasted truly fresh coffee, you'll be forever hooked. It will make you giddy every time you go to make a pot. Tingle right down to your toes. Reverberate around your head like a funky aura. That's because coffee, just a few days out of the roaster, is nature's most flavorful drink - more complex than even wine - containing well over 900 flavor compounds to dance on your taste buds. But after a few weeks, you'd be lucky to see half that number.

How do you know if coffee is stale? Simple test: If it's bitter or flat, it's too late. Coffee is actually known by connoisseurs as a 'sweet' beverage. But shush... you're not supposed to know that. And who doesn't want you to know? Grocery stores and coffee chains who need way too much profit margin to sell you the very highest grades or freshest possible coffee (coffee in grocery stores sits on shelves for months).

We're small, independent and unconventional here at Coffee Fool, something you probably could have guessed from our name. But nevertheless, we do love to seek out the very finest coffee in the world - we're fools for the best.

Give us a chance. We promise to use our foolishness to bring you one of the best experiences of your coffee drinking career. You'll be surprised to find that you no longer need cream or sugar in your coffee (bitterness gone). There will never be a burnt taste in your mouth. And you'll always be rewarded with a smile after every sip. It will simply be the best, freshest coffee you've ever tasted or your money back.

So go ahead and take a peek at our fun coffee descriptions by clicking the categories to the left. But if you should buy... be warned, like us you too may end up becoming a Coffee Fool!


Vista Print

FREE Business Cards
Get 250 FREE

Full-color printing on 80-lb. card stock. Choose from 42 free and easy-to-customize designs and just add your own text.


The Daily Cannibal

The Daily Cannibal defends those attacked by predatory media organizations that, mindful only of their own profit, deliberately publish unfounded accusations and allegations as fact, with no regard for accuracy, responsibility or the misery they inflict on their victims and their families.

For these victims, The Daily Cannibal provides recourse and redress that achieves wide media coverage, repairs reputational damage, and wages a counteroffensive aimed at discouraging further harm.



ASEA isn't outside help, like a juice or pill—it's simply more of what the body already produces, in a perfectly balanced, remarkably stable form.

•The only supplement containing native-to-the-body Redox Signaling molecules
•Enhances your health on a cellular level
•Vital to the immune system and to cellular healing mechanisms
•Damaged, dysfunctional cells fade away
•Healthy, vibrant cells take over
•Completely protected by a series of patents
•100% safe, zero toxicity
•Not available in stores

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