Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Discover your deepest goals

Discover your deepest goals with our Free NLP Mini-Course

As you make efforts to improve your life, gain new skills and grow as a person, consider the following: What if you were missing some key factors? What if some of your deepest needs were forgotten along the way?

It is entirely possible to set goals that “miss the point” from a deeper personal development perspective. Many of these goals can be perfectly worthwhile – not everything in life is meant to be “deep.” However, if you are not clear about your core goals, the results of your efforts will be mediocre at best. The deeper issues in your life will remain untouched.

We’ve created a simple and free NLP-based mini course to multiply your personal development effectiveness by helping you discover your deep goals. This important mini-course:

Three Soul Stirring Questions that Reveal
 your Deepest Self-Improvement Goals
will be yours immediately when you subscribe to the iNLP Newsletter.

This mini-course contains:

 • PDF workbook that you can print out immediately.
 • 5 Informative audio guides to take you through the course
 • 3 Unusual questions that will reveal the raw material
 of your deepest self-development goals.

Awareness is the key to every personal development effort…

Addressing your core needs requires high self-awareness and this is what you will gain from our free course. Additionally, as a subscriber to the iNLP Center’s newsletter, you’ll receive regular personal development strategies and insights. Our newsletter is not a sales pitch, but a real personal growth tool.

In the near future this course will only be available as part of our paid membership organization, so grab it now by entering your email address below and following the prompts.


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