Monday, April 22, 2013

Sociology of Conspiracies

Latest Class given by Peter Phillips at SSU

Program: Academic Credit: Summer 2013, Sonoma State University

SOCI 497: Sociology of Conspiracies is an academic upper division class on the history  and cultural understandings of conspiracies by elites and the powerful in society.

We will ask the question do elites and the powerful make plans and take actions that may harm others or democracy. We will study the theories State Crimes Against Democracy (SCAD) and Power Elite Theory. We will explore how people in the US have long held conspiracy theories going back to the Revolutionary War. We will take a look at contemporary efforts by elites to use media to discredit research regarding the orgins of 20th wars, political assassinations, 9/11, and US election fraud. We will focus on solid academic research for discussion and challenge those who explainations for events goes beyond available evidence.


Conspiracy Theory, Lance deHavenSmith, University of Texas Press, 2013
9/11 and American Empire, Intellectuals Speak Out, David Ray Griffin and Peter Dale Scott, Olive Branch Press, 2007
And a Course Reader

The Course will include Guest lectures, Films and Discussion on this very important topic for Democracy.
Instructor: Peter Phillips
Credit: 4 units
Fee: $1280

Peter Phillips Ph.D is a Professor in the Sociology Department at SSU. Phillips has written and lectured extensively on the Power Elite, Transnational Corporate Class, and Conspiracies. He is the author and editor of seventeen books on  Censorship and the Interlocks of Elites in the world.

12 mtgs: M-Th, Jul 15-Aug 1, 1:00 PM -5:50 PM
Salazar Hall 2019

SOCI 497; #1127; 4 units; $1280

Summer Housing Available During the Class

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