Saturday, July 14, 2007

Impeachment Mantra -- We're Ready When You Are

Impeachment Mantra -- We're Ready When You Are
Submitted by BuzzFlash on Mon, 07/09/2007

Instead of painting herself into a corner and forever being remembered for saying that "Impeachment is off the table"-- it's time for Nancy Pelosi to say to the Republicans in Congress, "We're ready when you are."

I understand that the Democrats don't want to waste valuable time for the next year working on impeachment. I wouldn't want that either. Don't do it. But when the Republicans are ready, it could happen very quickly. It's still possible that day could come. Why can't "We're ready when you are" be the mantra? It gives the Republicans in Congress a card to play when they visit the White House. If the White House doesn't change, they just might be "ready."

After the scandalous commutation of Libby last week, it's time for the Speaker of the House to say that "For high crimes and misdemeanors, for lying the country into war, for refusing through signing statements to carry out the laws passed by Congress, for spying illegally on the American people, for ignoring international laws on torture and staining the honor of America through the creation of the Guantanamo gulag, for corrupting the military by forcing out generals who won't lie for you, for covering up a treasonous release of the name of a CIA operative by commuting the sentence of the person who might reveal your own complicity in the act -- for these and many other reasons too numerous to list now, impeachment of the President and the Vice President are on the table now. We can't do it without the Republicans, but we want the country to know that WE'RE READY WHEN THEY ARE. "

Democrats don't have to DO anything differently in Congress. Just repeat these words every time someone asks about impeachment. It shifts the blame and the shame to where it belongs, on the Republicans in Congress who have protected this criminal President's abuse of power. They might be surprised at how well these words will be received by the American people. There's still nothing like speaking truth to power. The people's approval rating of Congress might even improve.

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