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Crooks, Suckers, and Lazy Cowards

Crooks, Suckers, and Lazy Cowards
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By John Hanks

After the filth murdered the Wellstones, I knew that we were under a Nazi regime and that soon we would all be dead. At that point I just assumed I was dead, like any experienced combat soldier. I put signs in my car windows that say “Bush ordered 911? or “Republicans Return to Their Own Vomit”, etc. Since I live in Wyoming, I figured that I would be murdered in short order, but so far I’m fine, after 4 years of comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable. If you put good hateful signs in your windows, you outflank the crook media, and cell phones often do the rest.

The only way to counter demoralization, which is the stock and trade of the filth, is to cultivate a black and intelligent hatred. Anger is an exhausting weakness and just an expression of demoralization. But, hatred is an instinctual reaction to those who would like to kill you. Republicans are full of hatred because they know that liberals would like to revoke their license to steal. That is why they don’t have to think except in terms of slogans.

The world has a minority of crooks and their suckers. The rest of the world just a bunch of lazy cowards. If you don’t overcome your physical cowardice now, you may have to be equally cowardly inside a concentration camp.

I have always wanted to have a good argument with Thomas Hartmann (sucker) on Air America Radio. But the constraints of money and time make it impossible. He exemplifies the best of the liberal tradition in his broad intelligence, senility and his respect for facts and ideas.

Compared to know nothings like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter he is like a cool shower after an encounter with a six pack of stale vomit.

The only problem with this picture is that Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter (crooks) are right about the human race while Hartmann is dead wrong. These crooks know that the human race consists of crooks, suckers, and lazy cowards, while Hartmann thinks that it is good and even educable in important ways. Liberals believe that people are moral actors, but experience shows us that nothing could be further from the truth. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, liberals still give lip service to the idea that people are good.

Hartmann thinks that the founding fatheads (crooks) thought well of men and their potential, while I think they were just the opposite. I think that the best of them, including Jefferson, were suspicious of both themselves and others. That is why they went to great pains to approve a Constitution that would set one institution against another in a sort of perpetual greedy gridlock. Of course, after all this work, they gave themselves a generous tip and the right to steal by doing nothing to balance the power of money or property. This omission has led to one catastrophe after another from the Civil War to commercial television.

But, I digress.

Why does it matter whether one thinks well or ill of mankind? Is it true that liberals are starry-eyed idealists that think a better class of humans can be produced in classrooms? Or is it also true that conservatives view man as depraved and therefore a ripe target for every sort of scam and contempt? I can only reply that I have always been a liberal, but I fail to entertain any hope for the world, this country, or anyone in it.

It is possible to have the cynical vision of H. L. Mencken without becoming a snobby blockhead or hypocrite. It is possible to get rid of the crooks without thinking that we haven’t asked for everything we get.

Republicans can walk and chew gum, but they rarely compare and contrast anything, since all major ideas have been set in concrete since 5th grade. They seem inherently incapable of entertaining more than one idea at a time. It is this lazy ignorance that makes them do their politics of destruction with no sense of blowback. They are so afraid of losing their stolen wealth that they try to demoralize an ignorant and cowardly population so that they actually think they are morally better by not voting.

This crookery works because Republicans prey on every human weakness. They mine Pride, Envy, Sloth, Anger, Cowardice, and Lust with gay abandon in or out of the political season.

In short, they know that weak emotions lead, while thoughts just tag along. They particularly like to exploit moralism and moralizing because it is the lazy man’s way of feeling superior to everyone else.

So what is the point of all this anyway? As long as liberals appeal to ideas and facts they can have a lot of good moralistic conversations, but they mean nothing to lazy cowards who like a good story which feeds conceit, lust, or fear. Almost all Republican jokes appeal to conceit because they are usually racist or sexist, and they give a little lift to the second-rate juveniles who make up the Republican filth.

Republican friends send me these jokes and I always analyze them in terms of the tawdry satisfactions they produce. Then I send them back since it usually pisses them off.

Today’s Republicans have all the characteristics of the Nazi movement. They are triumphal, ignorant, lazy, vicious, and they think that the use of lies and intimidation is the road to success. They love symbols, flags and media just like the Nazis did, and they have even built a few “internment” camps for the “homeland”. This time, they have turned Muslims into the bogey man, while the Jewish Neocons and the Pentagon are sporting the swastikas. They are even starting wars for bucks all over the world so that they can reap a bonanza from weapons, oil, graft, opium, and even museum treasures. This great adventure started with the 9/11 protection racket stunt, which has reaped even more billions from the lazy cowards amongst the gullible public.

Republicans have a problem with their sexuality, but Democrats have a problem with hatred. Anger has its problems because it is tiresome and sometimes outright dangerous. But a cold, black hatred is always serene and detached. Hatred is a natural response to liars and bullies. It is the source of all real thought and action. It is not a fist, but a compass. It is a radar that keeps us pointed in the right direction so we don’t get the next sucker punch. It is blowback with brains and understanding. It is not Osama or George. Republicans are always angry because they are afraid they will lose their stolen wealth. Their anger makes them clever like juvenile delinquents. My black hatred of them however makes me free to think up blowbacks. I would prefer government by Genghis Khan to these lazy half-dead second-rate bums.

Since liberals can’t allow themselves to develop hatred, they prefer to develop a culture of peace. The problem with this is that the only real peace is the peace of the grave. Otherwise peace is just a period when crooks set up the next war. This idea of a Beulahland heaven is just a childish fantasy. Man is and will always be more like a jackal than an angel. Hitler preyed on this sentimentality with his warm Nazi posters showing healthy farm girls holding infants in wheat fields. Everything a Nazi does is for a “higher good”, just like a liberal is supposed to provide an example of the one true moral way to a “higher good”. I have attended many liberal meetings where some blowhard bullies the proceedings and no one says anything for fear of falling off the sentimental moral pedestal. A Laramie peace group that I am in now is almost paralyzed by one professional female veteran who courts attacks, dominates and controls, and actually censors newsletter communications. All of her stunts are done with a lot of moralizing and remembering the “higher good”. Yet, the moralizers do nothing. Whenever I try to even start a conversation about this person, I get silenced. For all I know, she might even be an agent provocateur! For all I know, the whole group might be agent provocateurs!

John Hanks is a long-time agitator and fledgling sociopolitical editorialist.

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