Sunday, September 16, 2007

Konformist FeedBack 09-16-07

Konformist FeedBack: The Continued 9/11 Dishonesty of Alternet

Hey, hey, the actual voice of Rob Sterling! Oh so cool…

I was watching some 9/11 “as it happened” replay last night on MSNBC and noticing how it looked totally unlike any controlled demolition I have ever seen, especially the spraying chunks and the debris-covered lower Manhattan. On a History Channel special earlier, though, the troofer critics were all saying how when buildings fall it just happens to look like controlled demolitions. Also, NBC’s reporter at the Pentagon was calling the crash there as seeming more like a small bomb on the heliport. I would bet that’s where the “no plane” theories began, more so than with Thierry Meyssan.

On a radio show I did the other day, someone complained that I have no legitimate interest in studying parapolitics because I take issue with the troofer claims.

Kenn Thomas

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