Thursday, March 20, 2008

KT on Ballot Bowl

If Obama wins the presidency it would be less remarkable that he's black than that he won on an anti-war platform in a time of war. That never happens and I doubt it will happen this time. RFK was the only time it ever came close, so Obama is more or less obligated to invite the comparison. Once extra-political forces took care of RFK, the riots in Chicago resulted from the Democrats having a worse policy on Vietnam than the Republicans.

The parapolitics involved with Obama's recent turban-wearing photo brouhaha may be revelatory. Kenya's opposition leader, Odinga--who claims to be a cousin of Obama--was beset by controversy because he supposedly signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Muslim leaders that said if he gained power he would help impose sharia law in that country. Turns out that version of the MOU was fake. The real one stated the reverse, a commitment to bringing together various ethnic factions. Now who plants fake documents like that?

Interesting the amount of conspiracy literature the Rev. Wright seems to have read, n'est-ce pas?

Kenn Thomas

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