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Eliot Spitzer: A Lesson for all Men

Eliot Spitzer: A Lesson for all Men
By Henry Makow Ph.D.
March 12, 2008

Governor Eliot Spitzer's downfall contains an almost Biblical lesson for all men: Don't be controlled by your dick. It will ruin your life.

Sex is a powerful force. Either we control it or it (and woman) controls us. Like Samson, Spitzer forfeited his power for sex. The bankers used it to control Spitzer; they also use it to control us.

Men are fighting a powerful meme created by the banker-owned media. Although sexual attraction is totally based on our instinct to propagate, the media divorces sex from love, marriage and procreation

It perverts a natural instinct that requires strict cultural definition into an entertainment and commodity. It proclaims anonymous sex is an end in itself, meaningful and liberating, and in Spitzer's case, worth $2000 an hour. This elevates the nubile female-prostitute to the level of goddess. Who else gets paid that much?

Sex is an appetite like food. If you don't get food, you will think of nothing else. It's the same with sex. The answer? Men have got to marry women who like sex and "forgeta 'bout it."

It's time we deconstructed anonymous sex. Somehow the females have got the upper hand. Much like the diamond cartel ,they have hoodwinked males into thinking that a commodity as commonplace and plentiful as p---y is rare and precious. It's not. In Andy Warhol's words, “Sex is the biggest nothing in the world.”

I'll never understand why a man would ever pay a woman for sexual “gratification.” Why shouldn't she pay him? Sex is just as necessary for her. What fools we men are.

I wouldn't pay ten cents for anonymous sex with anyone. Not this New Jersey nose job. Not anyone. And you couldn't pay me $4000 to service some stranger. (Not that they'd ask.)

The “prostitution ring” charged Spitzer between one and three thousand an hour! It charged
$10,000 to $30,000 a night and would consider selling off their chattel for a large lump sum.

Eliot, didn't anyone tell you that all cats are grey in the dark?

The excitement for a man is a woman's response to him. How responsive can a woman be to a stranger? In casual sex, both parties are miming what they think should be happening, rather than admitting that the experience is empty and degrading.


Masturbating is a far better solution for single men than anonymous sex. Do I have to list the advantages? You have your flawless woman and fantasy situation. After, she's gone instantly. And there's no chance of pregnancy or STD. Oh yeah. It's FREE. And, often it's better.

Let's deconstruct the fertile female while we're at it. Having lost her ability to love a man, most young women today are themselves scrawny men, with narrow shoulders, a couple of feed bags on their chests, and an unsightly jungle below.

They are pretty much physically identical. As one wag said, "Put a clock in it." Yet despite the tedious nature of the product, they have been selling it to us yokels from time immemorial.

The only thing that differentiates women is talent, character and personality. Yet most young women today seem content to compete on the basis of sex appeal alone.

I love feminine women, the kind that marry and sacrifice for husband and family. The kind that understand that femininity is the opposite of masculinity.

We live in a culture that promotes arrested development by inflating the status of women and teaching men to pander to them ifor sex, like dogs getting a treat. Of course women tire of this, and men end up neutered and alone.

Eliot Spitzer spent too much time overachieving and didn't develop emotionally. Part of that requires we get sex out of our system. Realize how mundane it is. That there is no “there” there. With all the sex available, are men finally learning that casual sex is a bore?

Men must also realize that no woman can give them what they really seek--- themselves. You get that by serving God (i.e. a spiritual ideal.)

Romantic love is a crock. Women are just companions on the journey. Real love is based on meeting mutual needs over a long period of time. It is based on sticking with someone when they're down, like Mrs. Spitzer is doing.

In closing, let's learn from Eliot Spitzer's folly. Sex is used to control men. When we control our sex drive, we are free to serve a higher master.
This seems a good time to plug my friend Julian Lee's website dedicated to teaching men the benefits of abstinence.

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