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Growth Hormone Supplementation

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Why Would Drug Companies Not Want you to Know About Growth Hormone Supplementation?

Because It Would Make Obsolete Most Of Their Pain Killers and Many of There Other Drugs As Well.

Are Growth Hormone Benefits for Real or Are Some Supplement Suppliers Misleading You?

There are indeed many benefits to taking Growth Hormone but the supplement industry for the most part is misleading you into believing you can achieve these benefits with a stimulant or homeopathic products, neither of which work. How do I know this?

Have You Bought Growth Hormone Precursor Products or Homeopathic Growth Hormone taken it for 6 months or less and been disappointed? You're not alone! Many have. Or have you read full page ads extolling the benefits of Growth Hormone and implying their precursor product will magically produce the same results and wondered if it could be true?

Well the fact is that Injectable Growth Hormone has achieved all these amazing results. Which are an;

• 8.8% increase in muscle mass, without exercise
• 14.4% loss of fat, without dieting
• Higher energy level
• Increased Reproductive Health
• Regrowth of heart, liver, spleen ,kidney, and other organs that shrink with age
• Greater cardiac output
• Superior immune function
• Increased exercise performance
• Better kidney function
• Lowered blood pressure
• Improved cholesterol profile, with higher HDL and lower LDL
• Stronger bones
• Faster wound healing
• Younger, tighter, thicker skin
• Hair regrowth
• Wrinkle removal
• Elimination of cellulite
• Sharper vision
• Mood elevation
• Increased memory retention
• Improved Sleep
Everything You Need To Know About The Industry Behind GH

From Ron Klatz Book "10 Weeks to A Younger You” p.21—"It is ironic the government agency charged with finding answers to the disabilities of old age has in its 25 year history never taken a public position on anything except in 1996, shortly after the publication and wide distribution of his book, "Grow Young With HGH. The NIA (National Institute of Aging) created a barrage of radio and television public safety announcements warning America about the unscientific claims of anti-aging medicine, that there was NO evidence to support the claims that nutrients, hormones or anything else could slow the inevitable decline of aging.

This strongly worded, high visibility media campaign was totally unprecedented and unique. The NIA, an agency whose budget now is $630 million, has never spent more than $1 million per year on anti-aging clinical research according to Richard Sprout, M.D., former deputy director of the NIA. So it was not surprising to me that even this most senior level staff member hadn't hardly a clue as to what comprises the practice of anti-aging medicine.

So, why is the NIA against anti-aging medicine? The answer cannot be science, as it is mainstream hardcore documented scientific literature, experiment and clinical observation, which is the body of a new specialty of anti-aging medicine. The textbooks and educational materials of this new science are almost exclusively derived from the original publication from Lancet, the New England Journal of Medicine, Archives of Internal Medicine, Hospital Practice, Science, etc.

The answer must be found in the politics of medicine. Anti-aging medicine is a major affront to those who insist on directing 95% of the U.S. healthcare budget toward disease oriented medicine, while allowing less than 5% of that $1.5 trillion dollar budget to be spent on prevention.

Many at the NIA have made their careers poo-pooing the notion that "aging is not inevitable,” never mind the facts and the clinical successes of hundreds of thousands of people benefiting from these breakthrough therapies.

Still, the genie is now out of the lamp and the advances in aging reversal cannot be stopped. Proof positive of this fact was the airing of the PBS television special, "Stealing Time: The New Science of Aging,” in June of 1999. This landmark show documented the science of anti-aging medicine and the great advances in improving the quality and quantity of life span, that life spans of baby boomers should soon reach 100 years and that aging interventions as practiced by anti-aging doctors is real!

The NIA and the AARP sponsored this incredibly accurate documentary on the future of healthcare and anti-aging medicine. It seems that they have at last begun to acknowledge the truth, age may be inevitable but aging is not!

Still the effect of this public media campaign to discredit the science of anti-aging has built up momentum over the years and remains a stigma in the minds of many. Now you have the facts to change your mind.

There are some 20,000 Anti-Aging Physicians worldwide who have seen outside the box of drug based symptom focused treatment of disease. These all condone or use injectable Growth Hormone in their clinical practice.

A man 40 years old has less than 1/2 the testosterone a man of 25 has. Human Growth Hormone production peaks in our late teens and falls about 25% per decade after age 25.

• At 40 your HGH is about 75% that of a 25-30 year old you feel a little different.

• At 50 your HGH is about 55% that of a 25-30 year old and you feel it.

• At 60 your HGH is about 40% that of a 25-30 year old the effects snow ball & it is obvious to all. [1]

Three Questions You Should Ask When Buying a Growth Hormone Supplement

1. Call up any other company that sells HGH precursor or HGH Homeopathic supplements and see if they can even articulate the difference between a actual somatotropin (recombinant GH), a precursor HGH and a homeopathic HGH?

Answer: Most companies will not be able to accurately answer these questions. Recombinant GH is Growth Hormone made in a laboratory via bacteria. It is a science you can use a bacteria to create amino acids, enzymes, insulin and Growth Hormone also called Somatotropin. It is a 191 amino acid chain that is identical to what your own body produces. From 1985 until 1996 the only method of administration was by injection. In 1996 researchers figured out how to make this large polypeptide absorbable in your mouth, bypassing the need for injections. This took what was once a prescription based item into a consumable item. Like any protein or metabolite of amino acids this is now in the category of a food supplement. Like vitamin B-12 you can get by injection from a Doctor or you can go to your local health food store and by pills that absorb them right into your mouth. The first requires a prescription the second does not.

Precursors stimulate the release of IGF-1 out of your liver and this does not equate to increasing Growth Hormone a 191 amino acid polypeptide. Homeopathic GH products have no actual Growth Hormone in them. They have only vibrational energy signatures. Most Homeopathic liquid GH products contain alcohol in them. Alcohol would destroy any Growth Hormone present. Also what you need to look out for in this HGH industry. There have been fly by night distributors who throw up a web-site and only answer questions by email or not at all; causing you frustration. Really there's nobody to ask questions too. Some of these companies only stay around for a few months and are gone. Compare that with an actual healthcare practitioner Stephen Heuer, Nutripath who has the expertise on helping people regain their health for 17 years. He also knows while most people over the age of 40 benefit from oral Growth Hormone not everyone needs it.

2. What to look out for when selecting an HGH supplement?

If it is a pill or powder it is a precursor and has no actual GH in it. It is not growth hormone and does not increase Growth Hormone levels. It may temporarily increase IGF-1 levels which is not an accurate reflection of actual Growth Hormone levels in the body. Benefits may be partial and temporary compared to actual GH.

The Media Is Biased Toward Pharmaceutical Advertisers and Other Special Interests

Human Growth Hormone has gotten a bad rap because of the media has been reporting on the occasional overuse by professional athletes to optimize their athletic performance. Even in excessive dosages the only negatives reported were joint pain, higher blood pressure and higher sugar levels in the blood, all of which return to normal after two weeks of discontinued usage. When giving the body a dose of GH that is only complimentary and not excessive it is a holistic health miracle. Hormones are powerful and giving your body a quantity that the body was designed to produce in your prime years is the ideal to follow. When will medicine learn from nature instead of trying to override her? Giving your body a physiological dose is safe and health giving to nearly everyone. Once over the age of 40 taking HGH can create a marked improvement in the quality of your life. But I have had exceptions where parents gave it to their teenagers. One time I had a 16 year old boy who was so busy with school and two or three sports that he became very run down. He got on our oral GH and within 3 months was back to normal. Two other cases were parents who wanted there teenage boys to grow taller. One was a Dentist who gave it to his 12 year old boy. From age 12 to 14 the boy grew 4 inches. The father was pleased with the results. Another was a mother who gave it to her 14 year old son. She wanted him to gain in muscle size and from age 14 to 16 he did gain appreciable muscle and neck size. She was pleased with the results. That was a case where he also took an amino acid supplement we carry called Amino Sports

3. What To Look Out For If You Find Another Oral GH Product Claiming to Have Real GH In It?

If you do find a real liquid Growth Hormone product the question to ask is how well is the GH absorbed if at all? Getting the large polypeptide called Growth Hormone to be absorbed into your mouth is no easy trick. All other real GH products I've tried were pathetic performers. These include, Regenesis, Sol Body and Sol RX, Vita GH and others. No one wanted to reorder these products. One company claims to have a delivery system called MMC (Macro Molecular Complex), my personal and client response was no results. What is The Most Effective Delivery System for the GH Peptide?

Oral Growth Hormone can be wrapped up in a carbohydrate (polymer matrix) or fat (liposome) and transported through the mucus membrane of the mouth. I've tired both versions myself and on hundreds of clients. Real world results show me that the fat coating (liposome) is superior to the carbohydrate (polymer matrix) delivery system.

My 30 Years Of Experience As Nutritional Researcher and 17 Years As a Nutripath

As a nutritional researcher for 30 years, and having had personal health challenges that required my constant attention, I have learned what only a full time profession can teach. What works and what does not. What's effective and when to use it. The distillation of this knowledge is embodied in my healing practice called Cocoon Nutrition. Misinformation on nutrition abounds. Not every substance studied needs to be taken. Much of the dietary supplementation people are buying does not address the cause of their ailments. The following information will hopefully help you to separate the wheat from the chaff on the subject of Growth Hormone supplementation.

The Media Is Biased Toward Pharmaceutical Advertisers and Other Special Interests

Human Growth Hormone has gotten a bad rap because of the media has reporting on the occasional overuse by professional athletes to optimize their athletic performance. Even in excessive dosages the only negatives reported were joint pain, higher blood pressure, higher sugar levels in the blood. All of which return to normal after two weeks of discontinued usage. Giving the body a dosage of GH that is complimentary only and not excessive is a holistic health miracle. Hormones are powerful and quantities that the body was designed to produce in your prime years is the ideal to follow. When will medicine learn from nature instead of trying to override her? Giving your body a physiological dose is safe and health giving to nearly everyone. Once over the age of 40 taking HGH can create a marked improvement in the quality of your life. But I have had exceptions where parents gave it to their teenagers. One time I had a 16 year old boy who was so busy with school and two or three sports that he became very run down. He got on our oral GH and within 3 months was back to normal. Two other cases were parents who wanted there teenage boys to grow taller. One was a Dentist who gave it to his 12 year old boy. From age 12 to 14 the boy grew 4 inches. The father was pleased with the results. Another was mother who gave it to her 14 year old son. She wanted him to gain in muscle size and from age 14 to 16 he did gain appreciable in muscle and neck size. She was pleased with the results. That was a case where he also took an amino acid supplement we carry called Amino Sports.

Is Growth Hormone a Steroid?

Another misunderstanding is that HGH is a steroid. Steroids are made from cholesterol; this is where the word steroid derives from; that is the word sterol. Cholesterol is used by your body to make all the adrenal and reproductive hormones called steroids. These include Pregnenolone, estrogen and testosterone. HGH on the other hand is a 191 amino acid peptide and is therefore a protein. HGH is prescribed to treat the signs & symptoms of low HGH production. + Mayo Clinic Reports on Aging & HGH . [2]

My Personal Introduction to GH and How the Growth Hormone Supplement Industry Got So Much Attention

In 1998 I was introduced to oral Growth Hormone spray, and for the first time in eight years I was feeling stronger, happier and had a marked reduction in my cravings for sweets. For the first time in eight years I felt like my adrenals were holding their own. I slept better, had more energy and was more extroversive. I introduced my clients to the product and got the same feedback. More energy, sleeping better, better blood sugar, absence of craving for sweets, loss of 6 to 12 pounds of fat in one month without dieting, and joint pains going away within 3 to 60 days on the product. Now from over nine years of working with ingestible Growth Hormone spray with 20,000 plus people, we have accumulated dozens of testimonies, some of which are very impressive, such as disc regeneration, elimination of Tarsal Tunnel syndrome, severe joint pains going away, weight loss, deeper sleep, and more. Growth Hormone is a natural substance that your body already produces. That production diminishes after age 28 and consequently your repair rate slows down and so do you. When Growth Hormone is reintroduced into the system it triggers all cells of your body to absorb amino acids. Amino Acids are what you need to make proteins. Once your cells can make proteins efficiently a cascade of health building benefits can occur.

What Drug Companies don't Want You to Know

I ask this question: Why would anyone want to poison themselves with an over the counter or prescription toxic drug to treat a symptom when it is possible to feed the body what it is lacking and create the proteins to cause healing on all levels? Healing is what alleviates pain permanently! Most people don't know such a choice exists. Well it is high time that you all find out that you can heal just about anything with natural nontoxic methods. One of the most potent aids to healing is Growth Hormone.

Studies based Upon Injectable Growth Hormone

Growth Hormone has been studied extensively in its injectable form, and the distillation of those studies can be found in the book "Grow Young with HGH” by Dr. Ronald Klatz. In 1990, Dr. Daniel Rudmen published a study he'd conducted on men between ages 61-80 after 6 months on injectable Growth Hormone showed all the benefits listed above:

This landmark study showed for the first time that aging was a treatable condition. It showed that aging could be partially reversed. From this time forward injectable growth hormone was sought after by the rich of the world. Ever wonder why so many movie stars in their 50's and 60's still look so young? Growth Hormone may be their secret. However in the injectable form it is painful to administer and it is prohibitively costly at today's price range of $130 to $360 per week. Since Growth Hormone has been put into this unique spray delivery system we are seeing the same benefits as the injectable as is indicated in all of our testimonies.

IGF-1 Does Not Equal Growth Hormone

The traditionally accepted theory has been that most of the biological effects of growth hormone (GH) are mediated by circulating (endocrine) insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I). This dogma was modified when it was discovered that most tissues express IGF-I that can act via an autocrine/paracrine fashion. In addition, both GH and IGF-I had independent effects on various target tissues. Using tissue-specific gene deletion of IGF-I in the liver, it has been shown that circulating IGF-I is predominantly liver-derived but is not essential for normal postnatal growth. Therefore, it is proposed that non-liver tissue-derived IGF-I may be sufficient for growth and development. Thus the original somatomedin hypothesis has undergone further modifications.

Where HGH is Made In the Body and Which Companies First Invented a procedure to Make It In the Lab?

Human Growth Hormone is a 191 amino acid peptide produced by the following tissues; the pituitary, brain, lymphocytes, placenta, mammary tissue, and pineal gland. In 1985 Genentech was the first company to manufacture Growth Hormone in a laboratory. The peptide they made was a 192 amino acid long peptide. This is not the identical form the body produces and is therefore inferior. Then Eli Lilly in 1986 produced the 191 amino acid peptide which is the identical form to human HGH. In my experience this is the most effective form you can use.

How Fast You Make Proteins Determines How Young You Are

Levels of Growth Hormone decline after age 28 and can be raised back up by supplementation. The science of how Growth Hormone works is interesting. Nearly every cell of the body has a receptor site for GH. GH triggers the cells to absorb amino acids. This then is turning on the ability of the cell to produce proteins. The appearance of wrinkles and shrinkage of size in elderly people is nothing more than cells shrinking in size due to a loss of proteins. Youth: is repairing faster than breakdown is occurring . Aging: is the body breaking down faster than it is repairing. So once you've passed 28 years of age or so, the level of GH production starts to decline. Consequently the body begins to breakdown faster than it can repair. At age 20 you have 20 nanograms of GH per milliliter of blood. By age 80 you have 2 nanograms of GH per milliliter of blood. This slow-down is also experienced as less energy, slower healing of injuries, longer time to recover from sickness, poorer sleep, increase in fat weight, less control of blood sugar, age spots on the skin, wrinkles, sagging tissues, gray hair and aching joints. Increase your rate of repair and it is amazing how quickly you can notice feeling good again.

Stopping A Free Radical Cascade With GH

It is theorized that free radical damage is a primary cause of aging. The damage done to cells from chlorine, bad vegetable oils, smog, pesticides, harmful electromagnetic fields, and many other unnamed free radicals we're exposed to daily causes cells to break down faster than repair can occur. Once a cell is damaged by a free radical it can trigger the release of proteases. Proteases are enzymes which digest the remainder of the cell that has been damaged. Proteases also digest surrounding healthy tissue causing an unnecessary amount of cell loss and breakdown. When Growth Hormone is taken it enables the body to produce protease inhibitors at the cellular level. This then blocks the cascade of cellular breakdown from free radicals. To prevent cells from breaking down prematurely is a great contribution to health, vitality and longevity. It saves the body a lot of unnecessary repair. This is one of the major reasons for the vast therapeutic efficacy of Growth Hormone supplementation.

Do I Need To Test My GH Levels Before Taking It?

For anyone over 40 years of age the levels of GH have declined sufficiently that upon taking an effective product like Chrysalis, 90% of people notice more energy and better sleep within the first 24 hours. But give it the full 30 days before you make any conclusions. For people over 40 years of age testing for levels of GH in the body prior to taking it is really not necessary, as your levels are not going to be as high as when you were 21, which was your biological prime. If your levels are low you will feel the effects quickly after using Chrysalis.

Precursors vs. GH

There is a vast difference between real Growth Hormone and Precursors or products. Precursors consist of free form Amino Acids like Arginine, Ornithine, Glutamine, Lysine, GABA, Glycine and other ingredients like predigested animal glands and herbs. Another precursor category is the liquid predigested collagen products. Precursors are supposed to stimulate the release of stored Growth Hormone from the pituitary. The actual fact of the matter is that they only work partially in young people (who don't need it) and not at all in older people (who do need it).

This is based on urine GH testing done by AAL labs. You can see increases in IGF-1 but not Growth Hormone itself. You can also see increases in IGF-1 from eating a candy bar or taking the supplement DHEA, neither of which increase actual GH (Somatotropin) levels in the body, whereas the actual peptide Growth Hormone has consistently regenerated the body. When you eat a meal your IGF-1 levels increase and your HGH levels decrease. When you fast your GH levels increase and your IGF-1 levels decrease. This means that an increase in one does not automatically mean an increase in the other as is popularly taught.

Amino acid HGH (precursors) stimulates your liver to release stored IGF-1. Due to the many factors that can raise and lower IGF-1, most doctors and researchers of HGH consider this test unreliable. Based upon current research real recombinant GH will make a difference in your body. Amino acid precursors products do not and cannot do what actual Growth Hormone can do. A lot of people are losing a lot of money on precursors and getting zero results.

The Role of Free Form Amino Acids with Chrysalis

Most people are in a negative nitrogen balance. This means you do not have enough amino acids in the blood to keep up with the repair needs of your body for an entire day. This means that at various times in a 24 hour day you're body is eating up muscle proteins to meet its urgent amino acid needs for creation of glucose, immune proteins, and neurotransmitters. The body not wanting to compromise any one tissue for its proteins will dismantle proteins throughout the entire body in a sort of lets be fair and not take too much from any one tissue. The area where this happens to be the most noticed is the thinnest muscles of the body. Thin muscles in the body include the diaphragms (pelvic & diaphragmatic), the abdominal wall and eye muscles. As these thin muscles are sacrificed for amino acids needs they grow thinner and weaker. This leads to hernias with regard to the diaphragms and the abdominal wall. For the eyes it leads to weakened eye muscles that cannot dilate and or contract the pupil well enough to give focused vision, hence poor vision. For many people taking our 6 hour Immune Power Colostrum will supply amino acids and growth factors that will improve blood sugar and overall repair in your body. This can compliment the effects of GH in the body.

Our Immune Power Colostrum can create a synergistic effect when used with Chrysalis. Chrysalis can signal the cells to open up and absorb the amino acids and Immune Power Colostrum supplies the amino acids. Proteins can now be made, new cells created and healing of injuries can occur at a very rapid rate. The combination of Chrysalis and Immune Power Colostrum may accelerate you to a more pain free life.

GH and Cancer

I quote from the book "Resetting The Clock? a book about the benefits of hormone therapy. "All the evidence indicates that HGH does not increase the risk of cancer and does not cause established cancers to grow more rapidly.? [4] It is a crime that certain quote "health authorities? and the media have steered the innocent public and especially the senior citizen away from using GH. Seniors stand to gain the most from Oral Growth Hormone supplementation. Their mobility and cognitive abilities may all markedly increase when using oral GH. A popular misconception is the idea that Growth Hormone can cause tumor cells to grow. This does not align with the facts. For example, we are most protected from cancer when we are in our late teens and early twenties, when our GH levels are at the highest. As we age, our GH levels decline, and we see an increase in the rate at which cancer occurs. GH supports the cell's uptake of amino acids. This controls the cell's ability to repair. When cell organelles such as the mitochondria are improved in their function, cellular respiration is improved, meaning that the cell's ability to utilize oxygen improves. Tumor cells are anaerobic (make energy in the absence of oxygen) and in the presence of oxygen either revert back to normal cells or die. GH supports healthy liver and pancreatic function, which are key organs to protect one from cancer. The liver helps to maintain proper tissue pH. An alkaline tissue pH will protect you from tumor growth. Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for the following discovery: once tissue oxygen levels drop by 40% or more, an environment for spontaneous tumor cell proliferation can occur. He also measured the pH around tumors and found them to be much more acidic than normal tissues. Thus Dr. Warburg identified that an acid tissue pH and a deficiency of oxygen were the terrain requirements for tumors (anaerobic cells) to grow.

Cancer has gone away while on Injectable Growth Hormone

Minor skin malignancies have vanished without surgery after a period on HGH. One man with squamous cell carcinoma, one of the faster spreading varieties of skin cancer, was completely cured without surgical or other treatment. Dr. Frackelton has found consistent increases in natural killer cell lymphocyte counts in his elderly patients, in some cases by as much as 300% [5] . Naturally killer cells identify and help eliminate cancer.

Large Study of Over 800 People Show No Occurrence of Cancer

More reasons to believe that Growth Hormone replacement might actually prevent cancer. In a 2 year study done by Doctors Chein and Terry they have seen no cases of cancer among their group of more than 800 people between the ages of 39 and 70, although these people are in an age group where cancer rates are expected to rise. Nor has there been a higher than expected rate of occurrence of cancer among European adult patients treated for GH deficiency. And in the one case study reported by Doctors Chein and Terry, using multi-hormone replacement along with growth hormone resulted in a normalizing of the PSA levels of a patient with prostate cancer. [6]

pH and It's Role In Cancer Prevention

Two good books that talk about using an alkaline pH therapy to overcome cancer are "The Calcium Factor? by Robert Barefoot and "The Politics In Healing? by Dan Haley. Cocoon Nutrition carry's "The Politics In Healing?. These books will give you an excellent education on pH and cancer. The most effective alkalinization product that I've found in 17 years of nutritional practice is products we carry called Angstrom Calcium and Magnesium. We see saliva pH change for 6.8 pH to an 8 pH in 90 minutes. The minerals not only support an alkaline pH as measured by the saliva pH but also support your bone density. So you can see that the facts do not support the theory. It is important to understand the cause of cancer as proven by Dr. Warburg in order to remove the fear that surrounds it.

Cancer Requires the Same Nutrition As Normal Cells

Another point of view is to realize that cancer requires the same nutrition as normal tissue. It requires amino acids, minerals, fatty acids and sugar; do you therefore stop eating to starve the cancer? No. Modern medicine starts with the wrong premise, that of second guessing the self correcting intelligence of the body. The body has one program and it is that of self preservation. All diseases are an attempt on the part of the body to deal with a given stressor in an effort to heal you or prolong the life of the body. Therefore when you bring in any nutritive substance the body will work to heal itself. The real cause of cancer is based in having a deficiency of oxygen inside the cell. The deficiency of oxygen is caused from a few things. One is the cell walls are deficient in linolenic acid also called omega 3. This fat is required for the cell to absorb oxygen into itself and it can be obtained from flax oil not fish oil. Another factor is an overly acidic pH in the body that lowers tissue oxygen levels. PH controls oxygen levels the more acidic the less oxygen the more alkaline the more oxygen. Morning and evening saliva pH should read between 7-7.4 to indicate a healthy tissue pH in your body. The reason for the excess acidity is due to an overly acidic diet and the presence of toxins in the body. The number one toxin to remove to improve your health is mercury. Yes mercury is the king pin of the toxins in your body, however you also need to remove all heavy metals, chemical and plastic toxins. You got the mercury from your mercury fillings and vaccines. The body has no effective capacity to eliminate mercury quickly. It takes so long you could be waiting the rest of your life. The recipe for heavy metal detoxification can be found on our website www.cocoondetox.com. Prevention of cancer is the best plan of action this requires knowing the diet that creates ideal health for you. If cancer has occurred for you or a loved one then I recommend a consultation with myself as I have a very effective protocol for helping the body regain its self healing powers.

GH is Not the Only Remedy For Ideal Health

While GH can do a lot for your health, I always want people to be aware that to be 100% alive and well really feeling good requires three things. It requires 1) Detoxification of all toxins including heavy metals, chemicals and plastic toxins. Number two is replenishing your body with correct nutrition from both food and supplements. Supplements are essential for most people as food is too depleted to supply all that is needed. And three is to clean up of all toxic emotions by doing the mental clean up of your conscious and subconscious thinking with the tools offered by Dr. Michael Ryce. To do this I recommend Dr. Michael Ryce's book "Why is this Happening to Me Again? and his training's on DVD. To get his information go to www.whyagain.com

What other Safety Issues Exist Around Oral Growth Hormone Supplementation?

Are there any side effects? In some people the morning dosage can cause sleepiness. If this persists then taking the bedtime dosage is the only dosage for you to take for the first 2 months or so. After which typically the morning dosage no longer causes the sleepiness. For a lot of people, this would not be considered a side effect as sleep is a critical part of healing. In fact it is a sign the GH is working very well. Our culture lives in chronic stressed out state which leads to adrenal fatigue or exhaustion. To reverse this you need to turn on your parasympathetic nervous system and turn off your sympathetic nervous system. This then will cause to you relax and recharge. If you're feeling tired after taking GH, it's just your body telling you that you need to rest and in that rest, you will repair, recover and rejuvenate.

What Ages Should Consider Taking or GH?

What ages are unsafe to take it? No age can be hurt by taking small physiological dosages. However people between the ages of infancy through age 28 may not need it if they are robustly healthy. If on the other hand you have a teenager who is burning the candle at both ends with sports, academics and fast living then it may be helpful to use to cause accelerated recuperation. So using it for temporary periods of time for teens and young adults has been very helpful. For the most part people from age 40 and above are the main ones who will feel the product the most. Can you overdose by taking Chrysalis? Anything can be taken in excess. However when taking the recommended 3 sprays one to two times per day then for the most part no you cannot overdose on Chrysalis. Some people have taken 10 sprays per day in order to accelerate the healing process of some acute pain.

Other Benefits of injectable Growth Hormone

When children are growing, it's important that the nutrients they ingest be converted to bone, muscle, and organ tissue, not to fat. The natural HGH their body produces is crucial to this process. HGH is also essential to synthesizing collagen, the substance in our body that keeps us flexible, limber and wrinkle free. In a GH study on young people between ages 22 and 33 after six weeks on injections, gained 3 pounds of muscle and lost 1.5 lbs of fat. Ratio of muscle to fat improved by an average of close to 25%. In another study 8,000 adult athletes found HGH to be superior to anabolic steroids as there were no harmful side effects. Patients took HGH for only 3-6 weeks and in that short time, bodybuilders claimed they got results that lasted up to 12 months. Some athletes claimed to have gained up to 40 pounds in six weeks while reducing their body fat. Others claimed to have gained appreciably in height: HGH seems to allow the body to grow closer to the level of its ideal potential programmed into the individual's genes.

Testimonies from Satisfied Customers Using Chrysalis

High PSA improvement testimony: "I am a 55 year old male that has had 55 year old prostate problems. In February of 2002 during an annual physical my PSA level came back at a 3.5. My doctor sent me to a specialist that did a biopsy and ultrasound that came out negative so they told me to come back in 6 months for a follow up. In September of 2002 I went back for a follow up and my PSA had jumped to 5.0. I was told come back in approximately 3 months for another follow up. In October of 2002 I heard about Chrysalis on the radio, I bought some and started to try it.

In November, of 2002 I went back for another follow up and my PSA dropped to a 3.5. In January of 2003 I went back for another follow up and my PSA was 2.9. I am 3/4 through my 3rd bottle of Chrysalis. I find it significant that after 5 months and not quite 3 bottles of chrysalis my PSA, which was on the rise before taking it, reduced from 5.0 to 2.9. And more than that, I can sleep through the night without having to get up three or four times. I cannot find the words to properly thank you for this miracle. Very truly yours: Loren Wayne Johnson.”

Improved Thyroid Function: "Dear Cocoon Nutrition (Stephen Heuer), I just had to let you know the exciting things Chrysalis has done for me. It has been a gradual process over the past six months and I am thrilled to let you know that: I've lost a stubborn ten pounds and my waist is returning. My back pain of the past seven years is almost gone. Most amazing of all, my thyroid has returned to normal after 20 years of low thyroid. I feel like I have a new lease on life and am so thankful for this incredible product, with a grateful heart, Patty (RN), 64." July 24, 2001.

Improved knees, skin and walk without limping: "I just thank God and you for the amazing healing that took place in my body. Since I have been on your products, I am able to bend my knees, fungus has cleared up on my back, my skin looks better on my face and I am able to walk with out limping. I don't have to have surgery because I am much better. I am 44 years old and people think that I am between the age of 25 - 30. It is amazing what Chrysalis and the Quantum Trio have done for me. Also I am telling people at my job about these products and some are ordering already. My life has been enhanced so much plus I am toning and losing weight. God bless you always." - Kim Reddick

Sleeps soundly with lots of inner drive during the day: "I am Joseph Rossi, DOB April 1922, a newcomer to Chrysalis, utilizing it since August 2000. Chrysalis provides me with remarkable results; I sleep soundly through the night, a new experience for me. During the day I find that I have a tremendous inner drive, with unbounded energy, again something I have not enjoyed for a number of years. Your delivery method with the pump bottle spray is most advantageous and convenient to use. Essentially, I wish to thank Cocoon Nutrition for making available such an outstanding dietary supplement, which in my case provides the opportunity to improve my quality of life. Again, thank you, Sincerely, Joseph Rossi."

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