Saturday, January 12, 2008

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Pop Tarts: Penelope Cruz, Sister Engage in Lesbian Lip-Lock
Friday , January 04, 2008
By Hollie McKay

LOS ANGELES — Penelope Cruz may have been nominated for an Oscar last year, but this year, the "Volver" star spices up her younger brother's music video with a lesbian lip-lock. And the other woman in the scene is ... her sister.

Pop Tarts has been told that the lesbian lip-lock between the Spanish siblings was the idea of their brother Eduardo, who was obviously seeking controversial PR. The video also features Penelope parading her top-half assets.

The video for “Cosas Que Contar” opens with Penelope and her sexy sister Monica sucking lollipops in school-girl inspired outfits before cavorting poolside in racy red swimsuits.

And while the steamy scene is already making media music, could it actually ruin Penelope’s rep as a reputable rather than raunchy star?

“I don’t think it was a wise move for Penelope, as she has always been considered a very classy actress and it wasn’t like she was doing this for a ground-breaking film,” said Adam Weiss, CEO of Weiss PR in New York City (who does not represent Cruz). “But then again, nothing in Hollywood is surprising. People have done worse things and become much more famous as a result.”

But this isn’t the first time that the captivating Cruz sisters have posed together for a project. Spanish fashion giant Mango recently brought 30-year-old Monica on board to design a collection and she was joined by her “Vanilla Sky” star sister for the promotional pages.

“I don’t think the raunchy video will affect the high-end feel of the MNG fashion line,” a fashion-industry insider told Tarts. “If anything, it will put Monica even more on the map and people will be interested to see her work.”

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