Thursday, January 3, 2008

World's Largest TV Measures 150 Inches

World's Largest TV Measures 150 Inches
Posted Dec 27th 2007
Tim Stevens
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Right now it seems Sony is the only television manufacturer interested in making things smaller and thinner than the competition, releasing their super-skinny OLED set as a preview of things to come. Just about everyone else is focused on the "bigger is better" wars, and they're heating things up again with the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show right around the corner, where Panasonic will leap ahead with a giant new plasma television.

Panasonic previously held the "World's Largest TV" crown when it debuted a 103-inch plasma HDTV at the 2006 CES. However, this past January Sharp showed off a 108-inch LCD HDTV, snagging the crown by a measly five inches. Now Panasonic is set to return at the 2008 CES next month with a plasma HDTV that will measure a whopping 150-inches diagonally. If you do the math, that makes this TV 138-inches wide by 79-inches tall. That's nearly twelve feet wide and over six feet tall! No details on resolution, brightness, cost, but when you get to a set that large we're more curious about the non-technical details, like how much will the thing weigh and how will you keep the heat that will radiate off of the thing from burning your house down?

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