Sunday, October 13, 2013

Robalini's Week 6 NFL Picks

Here's my results for Week 5
W-L-T record: 6-7
Season record: 25-29-2

Philadelphia Eagles (-1) over Tampa Bay BUccaneers
Whatever the problems with the Eagles right now (and there are many) they got nothing on the Bucs.  This looks like an easy win.

Green Bay Packers (-3) over Baltimore Ravens
I got this as a +100 payout and that's still available in multiple casinos.  The Pack has struggled, but thanks to Aaron Rodgers, they're still a fundamentally sound team.

Detroit Lions (-2 1/2) over Cleveland Browns
I'm still not buying the Browns.  With Reggie Bush back, I am buying the Lions.

St. Louis Rams (+7 1/2) over Houston Texans
The Rams are better than their record suggests, and the Texans (led by Pick-Six Schaub) are worse.  Look for St. Louis to at least keep it close.

New York Jets (-2 1/2) over Pittsburgh Steelers
The Jets are silently looking good under Geno Smith: look for them to prove it against the Steelers.

Cincinnati Bengals (-6) over Buffalo Bills
When this fell below a TD yesterday, I bit.  Yes, it's still a lot of points, but the Bills are not the same team without EJ Emanuel.

Tennessee Titans (+13 1/2) over Seattle Seahawks
The Titans aren't as good as their record suggests, but this line is complete disrespect.  Take the points.

Jacksonville Jaguars (+27 1/2) over Denver Broncos
This is solely about the point spread.  As good as Peyton Manning (who probably will be Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year) and the Broncos are and as bad as the soon-to-be Los Angeles Jaguars are, I have to take the points.

San Francisco 49ers (-10 1/2) over Arizona Cardinals
Expect the Niners to romp.

New Orleans Saints (+2 1/2) over New England Patriots
The Patriots armor chink was exposed last week.  Look for Drew Brees and the Saints to exploit a team that shouldn't be 4-1.

San Diego Chargers (+1 1/2) over Indianapolis Colts
I'm still not buying the Colts and Andrew Luck this year.  Take the Chargers at home.

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