Thursday, October 24, 2013

Robalini's Week 8 NFL Picks

Robalini's Week 8 NFL Picks
Here's my results for Week 7
W-L-T record: 6-6
Season record: 38-39-2

Carolina Panthers (-6) over Tampa Bay Buccaneers
I'm planning to bet against the Bucs for awhile.

Jacksonville Jaguars (+17) over San Francisco 49ers
As bad as the Jags are, 17 points is too much for their future division opponent in San Francisco (when the Jags move to Los Angeles.)

Dallas Cowboys (+3 1/2) over Detroit Lions
Tony Romo and the Cowboys still don't get enough credit.  Look at them to cover in Motown.

New York Giants (+6 1/2) over Philadelphia Eagles
The Giants may not win in Philly, but expect them to keep it close in an ugly game.

Kansas City Chiefs (-7) over Cleveland Browns
A lot of experts believe the Chiefs have no business being the only undefeated team in the NFL.  They will stay undefeated another week.

New Orleans Saints (-11) over Buffalo Bills
Are 11 points a lot?  Yes.  But the Saints score a lot, and the Bills don't.

Miami Dolphins (+7) over New England Patriots
News flash: Tom Brady has only 1 TD pass in the last 3 games (albeit a great one.)  The Pats should win, but expect a close game.

New York Jets (+6 1/2) over Cincinnati Bengals
The Jets and Geno Smith are better than they are getting credit for.  Take the points.

Washington Redskins (+13) over Denver Broncos
I'm returning to my "Denver shouldn't be giving so many points in spread bets no matter how amazing Peyton Manning is" stance and betting on the Skins to keep it close.

Atlanta Falcons (+2 1/2) over Arizona Cardinals
Wait, the Falcons are the dogs here?  Really?

Green Bay Packers (-9) over Minnesota Vikings
Oddly, this game is getting a tighter spread despite how bad Minnesota played Monday night.  Whatever the spread, the Packs are my pick here.

Seattle Seahawks (-10 1/2) over St. Louis Rams
The spread is high, but the Seahawks are amazing and Sam Bradford is out.

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