Sunday, December 8, 2013

Robalini's Week 14 NFL Picks

Here's my results for Week 13
W-L-T record: 4-6-1
Season record: 58-71-5

Kansas City Chiefs (-3) over Washington Redskins
Yes, the Chiefs weren't as good as their 9-0 record would suggest four weeks ago, but they are too good to lose a fourth game in a row.

Baltimore Ravens (-6) over Minnesota Vikings
Weather will play a factor this week, and the Ravens will dominate the indoor-home Vikings.

New York Jets (-2 1/2) over Oakland Raiders
Jets at home versus the West Coast Raiders?  I'm betting on the weather again.

New Orleans Saints (-3) over Carolina Panthers
The Saints are just too dominating at home for this spread.

Philadelphia Eagles (-2 1/2) over Detroit Lions
Even without the freezing Philly weather, I'd take the Eagles with the hottest offense in the NFL.

Pittsburgh Steelers (-3 1/2) over Miami Dolphins
The Steelers have toughed out a difficult season and may make the playoffs.  Look for them to get closer to the goal after this game.

Tennessee Titans (+12 1/2) over Denver Broncos
I'm betting against Peyton in the cold, even at home.

Arizona Cardinals (-6) over St. Louis Rams
The Cards are quietly becoming a playoff threat, and should soundly beat the Rams minus Sam Bradford.

San Diego Chargers (-3) over New York Giants
I just never bought in to the Giants this year.  The Chargers, for all their inconsistencies, are the better team.

Seattle Seahawks (+2 1/2) over San Francisco 49ers
I've been skeptical of them all year, but the Hawks should be 12-1 after this week.

Green Bay Packers (-3) over Atlanta Falcons
For all the Packers problems (actually, it's just one: Aaron Rodgers is injured) the Falcons are looking far worse.

Dallas Cowboys (+1 1/2) over Chicago Bears
The Cowboys are a team nobody is paying attention to, even though they are one team who can knock off the Seahawks on the road.  Look for a W against the Bears.

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