Sunday, December 15, 2013

Robalini's Week 15 NFL Picks - Sunday

San Francisco 49ers (-4 1/2) over Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The 49ers have stumbled this year, but they are still a solid team.

New Orleans Saints (-5 1/2) over St. Louis Rams
The Saints are on the road, but it is an indoor stadium, so bet on Brees and co.

New York Giants (+7) over Seattle Seahawks
Take the points and bet the Giants will lose close.

Buffalo Bills (-2) over Jacksonville Jaguars
Update: still don't take the Jaguars seriously.

New England Patriots (+1) over Miami Dolphins
The Patriots an underdog?  I'm taking that bet!

Philadelphia Eagles (-4 1/2) over Minnesota Vikings
The Eagles are just too frightening right now to have such a small spread.

New York Jets (+11) over Carolina Panthers
The Panther are very good, but this point spread is out of whack.

Kansas City Chiefs (-4) over Oakland Raiders
After getting the three-game losing streak off their back with style, the Chiefs should dominate the Raiders.

Dallas Cowboys (-6 1/2) over Green Bay Packers
I still respect Tony Romo, even if most gamblers don't.

Baltimore Ravens (+6) over Detroit Lions
The spread is an insult to the Ravens, who, despite their problems, are over .500 this season.

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