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We Must Free the Revolutionary Health Discoveries of Dr. Hulda Clark

Steven A. SwanDr. Clark Consultant

Over the past few years Big Medicine (i.e., the huge, multinational pharmaceutical companies as well as the beneficiaries of other high-profit medical modalities [surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, diagnostics, cancer research, etc.) and the corporate-controlled mainstream media (MSM) have effectively marginalized the revolutionary health-related discoveries and inventions of Dr. Hulda Clark, Ph.D., N.D. Big Medicine has done so using its vast financial resources to fund its many willing minions, including the mainstream medical research industry. The mainstream media has proactively aided and abetted Big Medicine. We must not allow this travesty to continue.

Dr. Clark’s Discoveries and Inventions

Hulda Regehr Clark received her Ph.D. in the biological sciences way back in 1959 when it was much more difficult to earn a doctorate degree than it is today. Her many years of subsequent research in this field led her to discover the two true reasons behind virtually every disease—1) that the increased number of toxins which we continually take into our bodies compromise our immune systems’ ability to protect us and directly cause some of our ailments and diseases, and 2) that our compromised immune systems are unable to repel foreign invaders such as viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc., which also can contribute to or directly cause some of our ailments or diseases by (among other things) manufacturing toxic chemicals of their own. These two factors working in conjunction with each other cause virtually every one of our ailments or diseases.

In addition to using traditional scientific methods to confirm these realities, Dr. Clark discovered another revolutionary method for doing so. Even though she was an expert in the biological sciences, her curiosity had introduced her to electromagnetism and the electromagnetic spectrum—from the largest radio waves to the smallest rays of ionic radiation. In conjunction with her research into this field, she took up the hobby of amateur (or ham) radio operation.

Her research into radio waves led her in 1988 to one of her most important breakthrough discoveries—that everything in existence, whether living or dead, animate or inanimate, produces and emits a radio frequency (RF) or a range of radio frequencies. Microscopic entities such as viruses emit a single radio frequency, whereas larger entities such as human beings emit a wide range of radio frequencies.

Using this information, Dr. Clark invented a device with which she could accurately identify substances or entities based upon the radio frequencies they emit. She also determined how to pinpoint the exact locations of these substances or entities within other entities, such as the human body. Astonishingly, using radio frequencies to identify substances is thousands of times more accurate than the latest analytical methods employed by scientific researchers today. It is also much quicker and much less expensive.

Using this information, Dr. Clark was able to identify the particular toxin or toxins responsible for causing any given ailment or disease. She was also able to identify any foreign invader or invaders which might be associated with that ailment or disease.

After Dr. Clark made these important discoveries, she studied many human ailments and diseases and ascertained the factor or combination of factors causing each one. Armed with that information, she was then able to articulate each one’s cure.

Dr. Clark realized that the first step to take to cure ailments and diseases is to reduce the flow of toxins into the body as much as possible. Once this feat is accomplished, our immune systems may recover to the point where they can remove many of the remaining toxins on their own. However this effort is seldom totally effective by itself so the next step is to proactively work to remove the toxins which have accumulated.

Dr. Clark’s many years of research also taught her how valuable herbs are in removing toxins from the body and in exterminating our foreign invaders. These insights led her to become a master herbologist. She also became a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (N.D.) during her career.

Dr. Clark’s research into radio frequencies also led her to discover that by subjecting our foreign invaders to their own frequency ranges for a few minutes at a time using a frequency range generator, they could be exterminated. Unfortunately this technique is not effective on all parts of the body because some of them are shielded from the frequency ranges. However using a frequency range generator in conjunction with the proper herbs to exterminate our foreign invaders is extremely effective.

The Dissemination of Her Revelations

Dr. Clark did not conduct her scientific research in a vacuum. Much of her research into specific diseases was prompted by the conditions of actual disease sufferers with whom she was acquainted. She assisted her first patient in 1963 and went on to assist many thousands more over the years.

Even though Dr. Clark had discovered the basic causes of and the basic cures for many diseases, there was much more to be discovered about each one. Dr. Clark subsequently focused her research efforts on discovering further information relative to the causes of and curing the disease that was killing a large number of people—cancer. She also focused her research efforts on refining the causes of and the cures for HIV and AIDS.

Dr. Clark did not want to wait the many years necessary for the mainstream medical research industry and government agencies to analyze and accept her revolutionary discoveries using their conventional methods (double-blind studies, etc.) because too many people (including the control groups in the studies) would needlessly suffer and die in the interim. So she decided to make her discoveries known directly to anyone who was interested in learning them. She did so by authoring books detailing the causes of and the cures for particular diseases and publishing them herself.

In 1993, Dr. Clark published two books. One of them was entitled The Cure For All Cancers. This book detailed the basic causes of and the basic cures for all types of cancer. The other book was entitled The Cure For HIV and AIDS. This book did the same for these two diseases.

Because of Dr. Clark’s many years of research, she possessed vast amounts of information regarding the causes of and the cures for many other diseases. This led her in 1995 to publish a book entitled The Cure For All Diseases. In this book she detailed the causes of and the cures for many diseases individually.

The Demonization of Dr. Clark

Even though Dr. Clark discovered a method for analyzing substances much more accurately and quickly than any modality in existence in the scientific community, which in turn allowed her to discover the causes of and the cures for virtually every disease, not surprisingly, these revelations were met with strenuous hostility from the mainstream medical industry, the mainstream scientific community (which is highly influenced by the mainstream medical industry), and the corporate-controlled mainstream media. The first two groups are much more interested generating profits and longevity for themselves than they are in helping individuals cure their ailments and diseases. All three of them did everything imaginable to try to marginalize Dr. Clark’s revolutionary health discoveries and inventions. However, undaunted by the tremendous opposition to her fantastic discoveries and inventions, Dr. Clark persevered.

In the ensuing years, Dr. Clark made further discoveries into the causes of and the cures for many ailments and diseases. Since one of her primary foci was on curing cancer, she published three subsequent cancer books over the years detailing her discoveries. The last one was published in 2007. In 2003, she updated her HIV and AIDS book. Although she never updated The Cures For All Diseases, many of the discoveries delineated in her subsequent books are applicable to many other diseases as well.

Not surprisingly, Dr. Clark wished to use her discoveries to actually help people cure their ailments and diseases. Early on in her career while she was living in Indiana, many afflicted individuals had learned of her ability to cure a vast number of diseases. So naturally they sought her help in to try to cure their own diseases. So she accommodated them.

On one occasion a couple of officials from the State of Indiana surreptitiously spoke with Dr. Clark about the contrived disease from which one of them was purportedly suffering. After meeting with them, Dr. Clark made her recommendations. She never heard from them again and subsequently moved to California.

Then in the late 1990’s (approximately seven years after that encounter and as she was becoming famous after publishing some of her books), Indiana justice department officials indicted her for practicing medicine without a license. (Do you think that they could have been put up to this by the profiteers of Big Medicine?) Dr. Clark was arrested in California and extradited to Indiana to stand trial. However when the judge realized how much time had elapsed since the initial encounter, he dismissed the charges against Dr. Clark and she returned home.

Helping Individuals Cure Their Ailments and Diseases

Because Dr. Clark possessed a doctorate in science rather than a medical degree, she was precluded from practicing medicine within the United States. However she was not precluded from practicing medicine in Mexico. She therefore established a clinic just over the border with California.

As with her research, her primary focus at the clinic was on assisting individuals suffering from cancer, HIV, or AIDS. Many of her patients were ones whom the mainstream medical industry had already given up hope. However Dr. Clark was willing to admit them and cure their diseases.

In addition to all of the time she spent conducting her other research, Dr. Clark also spent an enormous amount of time with each one of her patients. She would analyze their conditions using radio frequencies when they were first admitted; make recommendations and provide them with various supplements, medicines, and protocols to purge toxins from their bodies, exterminate any foreign pathogens and parasites and remove their remnants, if necessary, bolster their immune systems, etc. She would then spend an enormous amount of time monitoring the progress of each patient to ensure that the protocols were being effective. Another tremendous burden upon Dr. Clark must have been the fact that many of her patients were terminal cases with only short amounts of time to live if she were not there to save them.

Dr. Clark’s Detractors

As Dr. Clark became more famous, her establishment detractors became more vociferous. One group or individual after another decried her discoveries and inventions. They called her a quack and asserted that her discoveries could not be true and that her inventions did not work. However even in the face of all of this negative criticism, Dr. Clark persevered with her work.

Dr. Clark Violated a Cardinal Rule

Unfortunately in her zeal to help others cured their diseases before their time on Earth expired, Dr. Clark violated the first rule of life—one must first ensure one’s own health before helping others. She was so caught up in her research, in disseminating her discoveries to others, and in saving people’s lives that she neglected her own health. She worked seven days a week, she probably did not eat properly, did not get any exercise, did not get enough rest, etc. One can watch her condition deteriorate on videos in which she appeared over the years. In one speech she even remarked that one day she should take the time to regain her own health, but that she was finding it difficult to do so because she was working so hard researching four interrelated diseases—cancer, HIV, AIDS, and malaria. Finally in 2009 at the age of eighty, the time of this wonderful person ran out.

Her detractors seized the opportunity to marginalize her discoveries and inventions even more. They offered as proof that she was a charlatan the fact that she had declared innumerable times over many years that she could cure cancer and then she succumbed to cancer herself. However it was not cancer to which this amazing lady had succumbed, it was her neglect of her own health.

The Marginalization of Dr. Clark’s Revelations and Inventions

After Dr. Clark’s death, the popularity of her revelations diminished. This was largely due to the marginalization of them by her detractors. They did such a fantastic job that, not only was the mainstream public persuaded that her assertions about her discoveries were not true and that her inventions did not work, but many believers in alternative therapies were deceived into believing that she was a charlatan as well. The situation went from being that, at one point, many people were aware of her and talking about her and her discoveries to no one talking about them. At one point you could walk into any given bookstore or health food store and see a number of her books for sale. Now there are none of them on display. It was like she had never even existed.

Another reason that her cancer books did not gain universal acceptance in the first place was because they are relatively difficult to comprehend. This is because cancer is not caused by a single entity, it is caused by a number of entities working in conjunction with each other. As a result, in order to stop a cancer malignancy as well as shrink the tumor or tumors down to nothing, there are numerous steps one must take and numerous toxins to remove. Many individuals simply did not wish to or were unable to expend the time or effort to try to comprehend all of these steps. Further exacerbating the problem was the fact that Dr. Clark included a tremendous amount of scientific information in each book.

Fortunately, Dr. Clark Still Has a Large Number of Passionate Followers

Another reason that Dr. Clark’s revelations were not widely accepted was because the device she invented to analyze substances using radio frequencies is relatively difficult to master. However there are many individuals who have mastered it and who use it to monitor their own health as well as the health of their friends and relatives. In addition, many individuals who worked with Dr. Clark while she was alive continue to use and promote her revelations. There is also a solid core of many thousands of individuals who continue to use Dr. Clark’s revelations to keep themselves healthy.

Partial evidence of the number of individuals who use Dr. Clark’s revelations to keep themselves healthy is the number of testimonials made to her and her accomplishments after her death. These testimonials can be found on the Internet at There are approximately 550 heartfelt testimonials there. More evidence of her continued popularity is the large number of individuals who still use and promote her remarkable discoveries and inventions on the Internet and elsewhere.


In summary, we should do everything within our power to stop the vested medical interests and the corporate-controlled mainstream media from marginalizing the revolutionary discoveries and inventions of this remarkable woman and preventing them from becoming widely accepted. This information has the potential of improving the health of virtually everyone on the planet. It is long past time for it to be freed from its confinement. Moreover, Dr. Hulda Clark should be recorded in the annuls of history as one of the greatest scientists and human beings who ever lived.

Copyright 2012 Steven A. Swan

Steven A. Swan is a longtime follower and user of Dr. Clark’s discoveries and inventions. He is now offering his expertise to others who might wish to learn how to use them to cure their own ailments or diseases or who might wish to understand them better.

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