Monday, March 4, 2013

The Conspiracy Denier

Mack White

Dr. Sneed Hearne, Professor Emeritus of Political Psychiatry at St. Cheerios College, has long studied the strange mentality of the Conspiracy Denier.

“What it comes down to,” he says, gesturing with his pipe, “is a curious inability on the part of the Conspiracy Denier to believe anything but the Official Version. The ‘Denier,’ you see, looks around at a world he cannot understand and takes comfort in the mistaken notion that everything happens by chaos or coincidence; thus he denies the painful reality that powerful men really do meet in secret to plan crimes that would further their secret agendas.

“The ‘Denier’ prides himself on being a ‘skeptic,’ but oddly is never skeptical of the government or mainstream media, who time and again have been caught in the most outlandish lies. Common sense will not work on him, and even when presented with documentary evidence or mainstream news reports that contradict the official version, this sad individual continues to cling obstinately to the bizarre notion that conspiracies never occur …

“You might say that ‘Deniers’ are like ostriches with their heads stuck in the sand. True, the other ostriches — i.e., those who do not have their heads stuck in the sand — might eventually be killed as well, but at least those ostriches can see the Police State that’s coming and stand a chance (however small) of escaping if they can run fast enough.”

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