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The Doppel Gäng

Adam Gorightly’s Transmissions From A Dying Planet
March 1, 2013

To follow is a piece that appeared in a recent issue of Paranoia Magazine as well as my latest book, Happy Trails to High Weirdness.

It concerns yours truly, in addition to a couple recent THC guests, Kenn Thomas and Andy Colvin.

The Doppel Gäng

Over the last decade, I’ve become aware of several alleged doppelgänger sightings that have occurred at UFO, Conspiracy and New Age conferences. Doppelgängers, for those unfamiliar with the term, is the German word for a double, or more aptly, an evil twin; an entity of seemingly paranormal origins, usually regarded as a harbinger of misfortune or bad luck. Conversely, what have been perceived as doppelgängers may actually be spooks of a more prosaic origin; i.e. covert intel spies infiltrating events where UFOs and government conspiracies are discussed and exposed.

Much like COINTELPRO, the FBI’s Counter Intelligence Program of the late-60s/early-70s that used agent provocateurs to infiltrate and sabotage radical activist groups, perhaps that is the design behind these doppelgänger sightings: To monitor individuals involved in the paranormal-conspiracy research scene, as well as to disrupt and undermine said activities with skullduggery and mindphuckery.

My first inkling of this apparent paranormal-conspiratorial doppelgänger phenomena came courtesy of long time correspondent, the psychic and playwright Eugenia Macer Story, when she commented to me—via email several years ago—about her curious encounter with an Adam Gorightly doppelgänger at a late-90s East Coast New Age conference. What this all means, then and now, remains a continuing enigma, whether this alleged Gorightly double sighting was actually some sort of paranormal happening, an alphabet soup spy in disguise, or something more mundane and explainable.

Eugenia, it should be noted, is not only “psychic” in title, but one of those rare and genuine psychics I’ve encountered, who are few and far between, tuned into hidden frequencies and wavelengths that us “normals” hardly ever hear or see, our third eye vision impeded by the veil of “reality.” Eugenia is one of those unique souls who can lift that veil, upon occasion, and see beyond. I recall quite profoundly, during the late-90s, visiting a medical specialist in San Francisco regarding certain neurological problems I was then experiencing. Later, when I returned home and checked my email, I discovered a synchronistically psychic message from Eugenia which informed me that at the very moment I was entering the medical facility in San Francisco, Eugenia was stepping on to subway train when an image of yours truly suddenly appeared in her mind with the words: “San Francisco.” Of course, Eugenia—all away across the country on the East Coast—had no way of knowing that I would be traveling to San Francisco on this matter.

These are the type of synchronistic events that occur when one wanders into the mystic sphere of Eugenia Macer-Story, who due to her psychic abilities may have unconsciously summoned that aforementioned Gorightly doppelgänger well over a decade ago.

*   *   *

Parapolitical researcher Kenn Thomas recently shared with me a rather curious photo taken at the 2003 Laughlin UFO Conference. The photo in question purportedly showed Kenn with a lady fan—whom he’d previously met at other conferences—and it was this lady that forwarded said photo to Kenn, unaware of the fact that Kenn had not attended the Laughlin Conference in ’03. The individual in the photo indeed bore a striking resemblance to Kenn: The same beard, same hair color and male pattern baldness, not to mention the name tag of “Kenn Thomas.” Kenn, of course, was stymied upon receipt of this perplexing photo.

“So what’s this all about,” Kenn asked. “Someone impersonating me? To what end? Sell books under my name? Collect data on fans who come up to the table for the FBI? Multiple Oswalds? Multiple me’s?!?!”

Invoking the name “Oswald” certainly summons some of the strangest specters that have inhabited conspiracy lore: namely the multiple Oswald impersonators running around New Orleans and Dallas prior to the Kennedy assassination, portraying Oswald as a loony tune communist sympathizer, with the intent of later setting him up as an assassination patsy. In reality, Oswald might have been a U.S. intelligence operative who got double-crossed by his intelligence agency handlers, ostensibly set up to take the rap for the crime of the century.

An example of such shenanigans occurred at a Dallas, Texas shooting range between November 9 and 21, 1963, when someone calling himself “Oswald” was seen by several eyewitnesses taking pot shots at other peoples’ targets and making an incredible nuisance of himself.

It should be noted that in the Marines, Oswald was a mediocre shot, whereas his doppelgänger was an expert marksman, hitting bull’s eyes with relative ease. From these actions, it would appear that this individual was going out of his way to draw attention to himself, to show that he (Oswald) was an out-of-control gun-wielding wacko with a damn good aim.

The Warren Commission, in all its wisdom, determined that the gun-wielding wacko in question was not Oswald, because the real Oswald was at another location when the shooting-range incident occurred. Just the same, the Warren Commission never answered—or even entertained the question—of exactly who this mysterious marksman was.

After the assassination, the shooting range witnesses remained convinced that it was Oswald who they’d seen, even though the Warren Commission concluded that this was physically impossible, unless Oswald was in two places at the same time.

New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison contended that one of these alleged Oswald doppelgängers was none other than Kerry Thornley, the subject of my 2003 book, The Prankster and The Conspiracy.

In the late-50s, Thornley had served with Oswald in the Marines and was, in fact, writing a book about Oswald three years prior to the Kennedy assassination, which later many researchers found quite curious. This past association led Garrison to suspect that Thornley was among a cabal of alphabet soup spooks that created a false history to portray our boy Lee as a commie symp with an itchy trigger finger. In the parlance of the intelligence community, this is known as “sheepdipping.”

Garrison contended that the infamous photos of Oswald—with a rifle in one hand and a copy of the communist newspaper The Daily Worker in the other (as well as a pistol holstered at his side)—had somehow been fabricated by Thornley and other accomplices at Oswald’s empty Dallas apartment, after Oswald and his family had moved out. In a second photo, Oswald once again held the rifle along with a copy of The Militant, another leftist magazine.

After his arrest, when these photos were presented as evidence of his guilt, Oswald insisted that they’d been doctored, and claimed that he knew how the photographic alterations had been made. Oswald angrily charged: “That is not a picture of me; it is my face, but my face has been superimposed—the rest of the picture is not me at all, I’ve never seen it before… someone took a picture of my face and faked that photograph.”

At the time of Garrison’s JFK investigation (circa 1967-68), Kerry Thornley adamantly denied allegations that he was one of these notorious Oswald doubles. However, less than a decade later—and after ingesting some rather potent LSD—Thornley experienced an epiphany of sorts as buried memories began to surface of his unwittingly involvement in a JFK assassination conspiracy. Afterwards, Thornley burrowed down even deeper into this conspiratorial rabbit hole, and came to believe that Robert Anton Wilson, of all people, had been his CIA handler and brainwasher. Oddly enough, Thornley claimed that “…Wilson was murdered and replaced by a double on orders from Gerald Ford.”

As Thornley peered ever deeper into this conspiratorial abyss, an increasingly bizarre picture began to emerge. Eventually Thornley arrived at the conclusion that he’d been “wired” (or implanted with a mind control device) during his service in the Marines. Later, Thornley came to believe that this insidious mind zap had started much earlier, perhaps even before birth, and that he was a product, of what he termed, a “German breeding experiment”; an experiment that presumably used both he and Oswald as human guinea pigs.

In time, Thornley even came to suspect his own parents were Axis spies who had cut a deal with Nazi Occultists conducting these eugenics experiments, the ultimate purpose of which was to create a Manchurian candidate. However, Thornley claimed he became “what they call a mutant, because I didn’t turn out to be a racist…. I wasn’t turning out to be the good Nazi they hoped I would be.”

As Thornley told SteamShovel Press editor Kenn Thomas in a 1991 interview:

“It’s been indicated to me… that I am the son of Admiral Dönitz, and this is one of the reasons I’ve been getting all this attention over the years… and they refer to Oswald as my “brother,” and your brother is someone who comes from a breeding experiment. I’ve heard him referred to many times in Cant Language as my brother…

I thought it all started when I met Oswald in the Marines, but the more I’ve investigated, the more I’ve tried to piece it together, the more I’ve realized it had to start earlier than that…. They weed people out in the breeding experiments. They pick two of them, and they kill one of them… they take two of them, and they observe them for a number of years, then they get rid of one of them, and that’s what I think they were doing with me and Oswald.”

Legend has it that Admiral Dönitz was the “secret Führer,” as documented in the book Dönitz: The Last Führerby Peter Padfield. In this regard, stories of secret Nazi outposts in Antarctica abounded, including tales of Nazi flying saucers levitating in and out of the Hollow Earth. Many of these rumors suggested that Hitler was alive and well, but maybe in reality it was Admiral Dönitz fulfilling the aforementioned role of secret Führer in the frozen remoteness of Antarctica.

*   *   *

It was during the Retro UFO 1 Convention, in 2006, that I first met my good friend and fellow Fortean collaborator, Skylaire Alfvegren. Curiously enough, the following year at Retro UFO 2, I could swear I saw Skylaire once again, but was presumably mistaken. (Or perhaps not.)

Midway through a lecture by long time UFO contactee, Rev. Robert Short, a young lady—who for all the life of me appeared to be the splitting image of Skylaire—seated herself across the room to take in Rev. Short’s loquacious lecture on Contactee lore. A couple times I tried to catch her eye with one of those nods-of-the-head and lift-of-the-brow “Hi’s,” but to no avail, and I began to question myself whether or not it was actually Skylaire seated across the room. Finally I caught her eye and she smiled back with recognition, it seemed, although shortly after left the building before Rev. Short’s lecture concluded. Later, I looked for “Skylaire” outside on the Integratron grounds but she was nowhere to be found, which seemed rather odd that she would appear/disappear like that without speaking to me.

Afterwards, I took a jaunt out to Giant Rock (about a ten minute drive from the Integratron) to down a late afternoon beer amid the towering wonder of that ancient monolith of UFO Contactee lore. On my drive there—as I bounced over the ever present washboards in the road—I saw a car in the distance coming my way, stirring up the desert dust in its passage, behind it a wispy plume trailing high into the air.

As our cars passed one another, like the requisite ships in the night (it was day, however, albeit late in the day as shadows began to creep in along the desert floor) I once again saw Skylaire’s supposed doppelgänger, alone by herself behind the wheel of the car, on what covert business, I can only imagine.

*   *   *

The nature of all these queer doppelgänger incidents was only magnified in 2009 during my attendance of Conspiracy Con 9 in Santa Clara, California. After arriving at the event venue, and checking in at the hotel’s front desk, a man in his mid-fifties approached me asking about the whereabouts of some “books.” Having not a clue as to these missing books, or even who this fellow was, I replied to that effect, and he responded with a puzzled look. As his wife appeared at his side, I added, “Maybe my doppelgänger has your books,” which appeared to confuse him even more. His wife giggled: “He means a double,” she explained to her stupefied hubby, who I later discovered was none other than Roger Tolces, a speaker at the event, known for his expertise in the war against covert mind control weaponry; the developer of electronic equipment that disables, apparently, microwave mind control harassment devices and the like.

Afterwards, I picked up conspiracy researcher and Mothman experiencer Andy Colvin at the San Jose Airport, then returned back with him to the hotel. In the parking lot, as we were taking out our bags from the back of my truck and shootin’ the breeze, I noticed a peculiar squirrel scampering across the parking lot; a black squirrel to be precise, which is a rarity in California, and in fact it was the first time I had ever seen one of these critters, and commented on this to Colvin, who quickly whipped out his iPhone and snapped a fast photo of this peculiar scampering critter. Later, upon closer examination of said photo, we noticed across the parking lot, behind a tennis court fence, a man dressed in white apparently monitoring our activities, and so thereafter we referred to this shadowy figure as the Man In White (MIW). And much like the doings of those infamous MIBs, both of us came to suspect that this shadowy MIW might have been surveilling us during our attendance at Conspiracy Con 9. When discussing these circumstances later, Colvin somehow connected this mysterious MIW to the sighting of my own elusive doppelgänger, although the precise details of Colvin’s conspiratorial connections elude me at the moment.

Colvin, it should be noted, has had his own series of apparent doppelgänger appearances and, in fact, has had reports of doppelgängers in every place he has ever lived.

Says Andy, “I always had people coming up and saying that they had seen or talked to me in some other area of the city where I normally didn’t go, in situations I wouldn’t be in. Sometimes they could pinpoint more about him, like where he worked, but by the time I would hear of this and check it out, he had moved on. A couple of times, the guy had waited on the witnesses at a restaurant. One of those was in Los Angeles… (My friend) Harriet saw my doppelgänger in far-flung places, like Mexico and Turkey. Those happened in 1999 and 2000…

“In Austin, TX, where I lived for many years, there was even another ‘Andy Colvin’ who looked exactly like me. The guy actually went by the same name. But I could never find him. The stories were all just vague enough, or came too late, for me to meet my doppelgänger…”

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