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DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral

DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral
Posted by Lava Cocktail at Friday, December 07, 2007
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With the invasion of our privacy reaching into our very genes, DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral is a timely book indeed. Dr. Len Horowitz, the author of Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse continues on with his healing mission in this spirited and evolved expose of the genetic swashbucklers who want to control our DNA. Len unflinchingly shows us the codons on the wall, mostly in the form of Rockefeller funded institutions such as Cold Springs Harbor and what their intent really is to this day in regards to the genetic destiny of humankind. The whitewashing Genome spin masters currently employed by the dark forces become quite transparent in Horowitz's deft hands. Through his careful research, he clearly shows the damage control current eugenicists are implementing in attempt to distance themselves from the likes of Margaret Sanger and others of bygone days. While eradicating much of the obvious racism found in the early 20th century genetic tractates, the genocidal intent of eugenecists is still glaringly apparent, although now suavely obscured in a language of PR which thinly disguise an apologetics to the founding fathers (Carnegie, Mellon et. al.) of the eugenics movement.

It is obvious that Dr. Horowitz didn't pull his information out of some kind of rarified, imaginal air . The scientifically sound research that he has done shines throughout and serves to further illuminate his views that DNA indeed has a spiritual dimension and that the healing of our mind, soul and bodies can and will take place within this realm. It is one of the few examples of science actually working with spirit instead of against it, hence my reason for giving DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral my highest rating.

The author also provides us some additional healing keys for the spiritual activation of our DNA in the form of the Solfeggio scale which he first introduced in Healing Codes to the Biological Apocalypse. The closest approximation to the Solfeggio that I've managed to come up with using a tone generator to translate the frequencies is: G A Flat C E Flat F Sharp A Flat) [...]

If you are looking for a unique gift to give for the holidays, DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral is highly recommended. It is above and beyond any DNA book I've read so far in regards to its balance of scientific, conspiratorial and inspirational information

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