Tuesday, December 4, 2007

FeedBack: Kenn Thomas on Stephen King

Konformist FeedBack: Kenn Thomas on Stephen King

Warning: Spoilers Below

Let's stop conspiring with the wretched Stephen King and let the world know: at the end of The Mist, the hero shoots and kills the only four people left in a heroic struggle against the monsters of the mist, including his own son. A moment later he discovers that the military has saved the world from the horrors that he thought he had spared his companions by mercy-killing them. King himself has called for the shooting deaths of anyone making this revelation to people who haven't seen the movie, as if the trite horror cliches he trucks in might actually come as a surprise anyone. Now King wants to offer up what he thinks is healthy in popular culture? I don't think so. As a writer, he's always been a muddled bore, and his fantasies about waterboarding Jenna Bush provide some measure of how his mind has been deadened from being a TV junky.

Kenn Thomas

Robalini's Response: Kenn, what did Stephen King do to you in a previous life to earn so much anger?

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