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Stephen King Murdered John Lennon!!!

Stephen King Murdered John Lennon (and Kenn Thomas in a Previous Life)

Steve Lightfoot: Who REALLY Killed John Lennon?
Donna Kossy, Kooks Museum


Steve Lightfoot is one of the first kooks that I became aware of during my stint in San Francisco during the mid-eighties. I would occasionally spot Lightfoot in downtown SF, with his signs and his guitar, singing tuneless, but heartfelt renditions of old John Lennon songs. He sometimes passed out flyers to passersby. Lightfoot is the guy who thinks that there was a conspiracy to kill John Lennon, involving Nixon, Reagan, various police departments, and Stephen King. King, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Mark David Chapman, supposedly pulled the trigger.

I hadn't heard anything about Lightfoot since I'd left SF, until 1992 or so, when a friend claimed that he'd seen him in Harvard Square. Lightfoot was apparently on his way to Stephen King's home town of Bangor, Maine, much to the chagrin of Stephen King. Lightfoot hung about Bangor for several months while receiving media attention as a dangerous celebrity stalker, much like Lennon's real killer, Mark David Chapman.

Below you'll find Lightfoot's version of the story, as found in a xeroxed bundle donated by Tim Cridland.


In this news letter you will learn many things. I will show you the big picture of John Lennon's assasination, who is covering it up and why and you will learn that last October's arrest of me for setting foot in Santa Cruz Bookshop was a Soviet style sting to set me up for murder in the near future. You will learn the backround of police abuse I have suffered under ever since Terry Chodash of the Secret Service tracked me down to interview me. Abuse that includes kidnapping, pistol-whipping, food poisoning, guns aimed rignt at me the night of Reagan's re-election, multiple instances where I have been summoned to appear for charges I had nothing to do with, the hundreds of falsely issued parking citations and several moving violations I have received including the falsely issued ticket I received just weeks after my Santa Cruz arrest when a Santa Cruz officer was seen stalking my parked van. You will learn that, In my opinion, the Santa Cruz police are exactly corrupt enough to be partly and directly responsible for many of the dead hippies in your mountains that earned you the title murder capital of America. That, in my opinion, the U.S. govt. is encouraging the destruction of the hippie movement, especially in the hippie haven; Santa Cruz. You will learn of the threat letter I received from a horror writer just two weeks before my Father was killed in a plane crash, a crash tnat occured on the tenth anniversary of Nixon's resignation. You will actually see Stephen King's handwritten letter to me in 1992 where he accidentally signed his name; "...the man who really did kill John. Best, Stephen King". You will see how he used that letter and the book it was signed in as a veiled threat to kill me as well as an offer of '. . . anything. . ." if I would quit with "that picture of me getting John Lennon's autograph, anything." You will learn of my five months in his home town of Bangor, Maine and the several instances King declined to deny my charges when he could have, including here in Santa Cruz when he admitted that I'm a stone in his shoe. You will learn of the time undercover S.F. police dislocated my shoulder and broke my nose on Haight St. a week before my advertised rally at KRON TV and how the assailant said to me only "We don't need the publicity." You will learn that 95% of the people peddling decoy Chapman just happen to be Jewish and that Stephen King repeats the italicized phrase; "beware the Jewish Communist plot against the U.S.", in at least one of his books. lncidentally, I am not an anti-semite. I am merely aware that a small, evil group of Jews want the destruction of America and are using the media and violence to bring about a hasty disintegration of our morals. I, in fact, think Moscow is behind this media monopoly under 90% Jewish control and that America's harboring of Nazis after WWII is one obvious reason. I do think that 99% of Jews are as good as anybody. You will learn that america's moral breakdown and skyrocketing statistics of violence and social disfunction are directly attributable to the murder and coverup of John Lennon and that people like John Lennon are the only thing that stands between a corrupt government and the people. Mostly, I hope you will learn that each of you are in a state of fear, cowardice and masochism regarding the emergence of the truth of John Lennon's assassination.

It was the evening of Dec. 08, 1980 when we all heard the horrible news that our beloved John Lennon, co-leader of the most loved musical group of all time and the most prominent and influentlal peace activist in the world was murdered like a dog. The National Inquirer finished their report with the closing sentence; ". . . and Lennon was the evil that had to be removed." The media at large put forth the proposition that Lennon was the anti-Christ in the kilIer's mind and before long parents all across America were displaying their hypocracy and cowardice as they explained to their children that it was no big deal. The same culture that excused J.F.K.'s murder and R.F.K.'s and M.L.K. murders was now justifying the government's evil role.

The killer was wisked away for a 60 day psychiatric evaluation that turned into a year and 60 days of absolute silence. Then a tiny clipping buried in the back of the nations newspapers reported that Chapman had plead guilty days before his trial. There was no followup. It was treated like any other murder and not the murder of a cultural giant. I knew then the government was covering something up. And so it was on July 26, 1982, a year and a half after the crime that I turned to my local library to re-read the murder reports to find out whatever became of Chapman. I wasn't looking for government codes about John Lennon's murder in major magazines. It was just hard not to spot the strange behavior in the headlines of Time magazine especially since the magazine I happened to pick up came out the day of the murder. The bold print headlines, with almost every turn of the page, seemed to plug into the murder of John Lennon and not just the more obvious intent of the article. When I turned to page 16 and saw tne ominous headine "Who's In?""Who's Out?" above just elected Reagan I began to think I was stumbling on to govt. codes and that the double meaning of this headline translated to "Reagan's In""Lennon's Out"

I looked closer and noticed the smaller headline below the photo read "Fitting together the pieces of a complicated jigsaw puzzle..." I looked at the picture and saw a vase of lillys, symbolic of death, and Richard Nixons book The Real War sitting at Reagan's right hand side and in the very foreground of the picture. Knowing that Nixon was John's biggest enemy in life who tried to illegally deport him because of his "Tricky Dicky" lyrics and peace activism, I read relevant passages where Nixon explains why certain "..rock stars.. who say 'Peace' is 'good' and 'war' is 'bad' . . . must be removed from the stage of public debate by whatever means are needed. . ."

About ten pages explain why people like John bennon must be assassinated showing me that this was no ordinary photo. In fact I found the same photo also in Newsweek above the caption 'Head hunting in Pacific Palisades..." In the Dec. 08,1980 issue of Newsweek, released a week before the murder, I discovered consecutive headlines; "Odd Man Out-Bad Blood-The Nixon Factor-Stay Tuned-Intensity" and passages like; "...abruptly withdrew under rising enemy fire... after he was shot down he graciously withdrew ...caught in the crossfire of Washington politics. .in the bad graces of Richard Nixon. .he intimidated some of the elders with his brash brilliance..." Then I knew all this was too much to be mere coincidence. In fact I discovered that up to 75% of the bold print messages in Time and Newsweek issues surrounding the nignt of Lennon's murder read like govt. codes all about it. That, in fact, these magazines had intelligence ties to our govt. and documented secrets via bold print coded messages.

Eventually, I discovered Mark David King Chapman attached to a letter to the editor of U.S. News & World Report where Chapman explains that he is armed waiting for the giant hand of Reagan to move him to some hostile square.

Finally, I discovered the killer's face and true identity, Stepnen King, in Time magazine three months before the murder advertised; "One great big Zippo lighter." which describes the murder scene of a man at night firing a gun with the flame blazing from the barrel. I didn't know who Stephen King was then as he was not yet really famous. A quick read of the book review where King; "...dubs this infammatory force 'pyrokinesis' a combination of the Greek words meaning 'fire' and 'movement'" clued me to the real possibility that not only did Nixon have John Lennon assassinated, he let a famous horror writer pull the trigger besides. My thoughts then were that Nixon was a criminal genius as no one would ever believe such a truth no matter how provable with facts. Subsequent readings of other King novels confirmed that, indeed, this was the killer. Years before the murder King was already writing about Johnny and a political assassination plot, shooting a man between the shoulder blades and getting "down there with the Oswaids, Sirhans, Bremmers and crazies of the world. There was no shortage of sufficiant evidence I would find.

That is how the biggest true story since Christ was discovered. It is absolutely the biggest story since Christ that can be proved. it is a story guaranteed to topple Time, Newsweek and U.S. News, the worlds biggest magazines, a story guaranteed to reveal all of us naked in all our blindness and brainwashed state and all the evil of covering it up we have already demonstrated, a story that will ultimately prove Nixon had the Kennedy's killed as revealed in 1963 codes and a story that will revolutionise all our lives and expose the world conspiracy to destroy the United States. Just like Jesus was killed by the government of the day so will Lennon's murder be also proved. Most of all we the people will be exposed for buying into tne evil of coverups period and how that accounts for the moral disintegration of America as evidenced in our headlines of the last decade and a half. This story will bring more truth and justice to our lives than our parents ever dreamed of and will alter the course of human history. It is precisely because this story has so much potential power that the U.S. govt. has enlisted the help of the corrupt Santa Cruz police dept. and a city council member, Neil Coonerty to set Steve Lightfoot up for assassination.

When I was on national television getting arrested in handcuffs preliminary news footage was obtained to later demonize me after I am dead. In other words, a propaganda campaign is being built for future purposes after I am killed to portray me as a stalker and a criminal who probably had it conning. A recent encounter with officer T. Barry suggests to me that the Santa Cruz police are planning to plant a gun on me or in my van and kill me and then lie to the public that I was threatening an officer and had to be shot. As many of you now already know I was arrested for tresspassing for entering the same bookstore where Stephen King was lying to the media about me regarding River Phoenix's death and how he claims that I said the U.S. Dept of Agriculture had Phoenix killed because he was a vegetarian. I never said that to begin with. I was not allowed my free speech rights to alter the outcome of what the media would do to my reputation later that week. I was immediately handcuffed and arrested and jailed and not just jailed but also deliberately slandered. I was put in the nutcase wing in solitary lockdown and was even corralled into a three minute interview wIth a psychologist during the one time in three days I was given my hour recess. After the media told King's lie about me all across America I was released three days later. In fact I am told by my public defender that the charge against me will be dismissed on Dec 02, 1994. It turns out that a journalist witness contradicts the police account of my arrest and they didn't have a case. In fact I was never told to stay out of that bookstore to begin with. It was a conspiracy to defame me as a stalker and a criminal. It just so happens that Neil Coonerty is a former mayor of Santa Cruz. He was the one that gave the undercover police permission to let me in so I could be arrested. A week before the arrest he told me "The police and I have discussed you and we'll be watching you carefully. King doesn't know anything about it but we just don't want to go through the hassle. l'm not going to sell you a ticket to the Civic Auditorium, King has done a lot to help independant bookstores, this is a privately owned store now please leave." It was a trick remark to be used as a false reason to arrest me if I dared to confront King with my accusation. And more it was censorship of the highest order or the lowest order if you please. Had I been allowed my right of free speech the media would not have printed King's Phoenix remark without it being challenged by me and they would also have been obligated to include that I accused him of being Lennon's real life killer.

And so it was that chief Steve Belcher became an accessory to a murder coverup and guilty of aiding the escape of a murderer. He became an enemy of the people of Santa Cruz and the lone messenger trying to bring about justice. He became a criminal helping another criminal and stopped being a protector of the public. Like the New York police who were in on the murder of Lennon in 198O Steve Belcher became an extention of the same murder coverup. He also became a violator of my rights and a willing conspirator in the defamation campaign against me. Since my release the police have parked next to me while I was distributing literature to scare off tbe public and gave me a false citation based on an unwarrented and unreasonable search of my parked van. My garbage he viewed after he stuck his head in my car. When I reached to get my drivers licence he said to me "Don't pull out a gun." It made me think the police are trying to shoot me as if I would ever pull out a gun or possess a gun in the first place and then lie to the public about the reasons I was killed. The police had my car keys for three days and can plant anything at any time they want and I'm telling you now not after they kill me.

Though Coonerty discussed me with the police before King's arrival and my arrest made nation wide TV chief Belcher denies that he has ever heard of me. Not likely.

In the summer of 1993 his dept. harrassed me no less that twenty times and falsely cited me for a peace disturbance that was ultimately not pursued by the coffee shop owner they solicited to help make the complaint. Way back then I knew the Santa Cruz police were hostile towards me and my bombshell expose.

My life came under police assault In 1983 wnen I received a summons to appear for charges of "breaking and entering and attempted grand theft" that I had nothing whatsoever to do with. I wound up with the lawyer who unsuccessfully represented mass murderer Juan Corona and he corralled me also into an interview with a psychiatrist who tried to write in the answers to a test himself after I told him I'm not going to participate. After months of court appearances where I was the only one in the court room it became obvious that they were terrorizing me. I made the newspaper then accusing the govt. of practicing state terrorism against a U.S. citizen. And they were. I was released as not being a suspect only to be confronted with guns pointing directly at me the night of Reagan's re-election by S.F. police the next year. My belongings were searched but my I.D. was never requested at all.

In 1984 also my father was killed in a plane crash after I received a threat letter (SEE SUPPLEMENT) from a horror writer. The F.B.I. refused to even accept the letter or the matter at all. Two weeks later my father was dead. Months before he died his dog was found dead, hanged from a drape cord with all the eirie connotations of a mob threat. Incidentally, included in the phony summons I received already mentioned was a line out of King's then recent movie Christine "I'll get you!"

In Berkeley I was the target of multiple police attempts to arrest me and violent attacks with a baseball bat and strangers kicking me in the back from behind and these attackers were released as suspects after positive I.D. was made and these youths were also seen often talking with police besides.

In the year of 1987 undercover S.F. vice officer and martial artist Thomas Decker and his tall accomplice dislocated my shoulder and broke my nose on a sidewalk for no reason after he said "We don't need the publicity." He was released by D.A. Costello after I made a citizens arrest and a positive I.D.

Earlier that year I was confronted six times in five days by S.F. police who threatened to shoot me up with thorazine while I was displaying my signs on Van Ness Ave. No amount of complaints I made did any good as I would find Frank Jordan was behind the campaign. When chief Casey replaced Jordan the harassment, literally stopped. Like night and day. When Jordan was chief my signs and P.A. system were constantly being seized.

Two months after my nose was broken I was invited to the Lennon art exhibit by the manager of the DYANSEN gallery who let me in ahead of over a hundred people in line apparently to insure that Yoko Ono and I were there together. I gave her my literature and told her to please read it. She said she would and then went with her security to a room to immediately see what was inside. She left the gallery and her security came back a half hour later and violently pushed me down the exit stairs into the waiting arms of four police who kidnapped me, handcuffed me, said "We're going to beat your ass", drove to a seedy neighborhood and then pistolwhipped me unconscious. I was then delivered to the General Hospital where officer Kevin Hall said "I'm going to break your nose." Instead I was delivered to the Psych wing and strapped, bloodied and bruised, to a table. The report said that I was yelling death threats to Yoko Ono. It was a complete lie yet I was evaluated for 48 hours and released as completely sane and only physically beaten. My body was later placed in a tunnel to photograph my internal organs. The officers were Kevin Hall and Steven Rist. I filed a 12 million dollar suit only to find no willing attorney.

A year after meeting Michael McCartney, Paul's brother, and imploring him to tell Paul I need help Paul yelled out my name in front of 60 thousand fans at the 1990 Berkeley concert: During the instrumental of one song, and I have it on tape for proof, he yelled out; "Yeah Steeeeeeeeeeve! That's right. I don't know about you Berkeley but I want you to know we like it and we need you as a people to get to the promised land..."

That plug got all police off my back for two years.

In l992 I took my evidence to King's home town of Bangor, Maine. I was cited the minute I hit town for a red light violation I didn't commit and was branded a stalker in the media. King would not deny my claims then and said "I just want to say this guy has been doing this for ten years." Two weeks later I was again falsely cited. Both tickets were dismissed after officer Keith Mercier admitted under oath that "Stephen King gives me five grand a week to harrass you."

It was during my five month stay there that Stephen King had a young man deliver a letter of bribery to me contained in a book called LET ME TAKE YOU DOWN. It was also a veiled threat considering the fact he had already taken Lennon down. On the inside cover of the book was a page long handwritten letter by Stephen King to me. (SEE SUPPLEMENT) Taik about a freudian slip! He unwittingly signed his name to me, his accuser, "...the man who really did kill John - Best, Stephen King" insIde the book was not only a book marker but also a smudge mark parallel to some amazing passages where Chapman is begging Paul Goresh " . . .anything for that picture of me getting John Lennon's autograph..."

I took it as a veiled bribe since my case is based in part on matching photographs of King and Lennon's killer getting the autograph. You be the judge (SEE SUPPLEMENT)

Both Stephen King and I are in this book about Chapman and I am demonized as a stalker and wrongfully portrayed as being barred from King's home town. (SEE SUPPLEMENT)

So, you see folks, Stephen King IS more than casually aware of me and has offered me millions if I quit my story. After two years of not biting he decided to give Santa Cruz a shot at trashing my reputation. He advertised his Santa Cruz stop knowing I would confront him. In the past he kept his schedule secret. In fact the major book stores he derides may have told him he is not welcome at their stores because of my evidence. In fact, he may be looking for a new home as Maine knows all about me and has thousands of my articles of evidence. Maine also knows that King was found guilty of having sex with a minor in a Belfast, Maine court case and that he was ordered to pay a fine. Maine knows he killed Lennon and that he is also a child molester.

During the 92 election George Bush admitted twice on TV "Nobody likes who shot John... I know the media is fascinated with this story but..." I even have the N.Y. Times transcript where he mentions my story "EVERYBODY'S BUSINESS: WHO SHOT JOHN LENNON?" during the Richmond, Va. presidential debate (SEE SUPPLEMENT) as one reason he is losing in Maine.

So you see even the President has discussed my story on the most watched TV event of the year.

The time is coming when he will be exposed and jailed and he knows it. King has been advised by his attorney's not to sue me because I have the proof to back up my claims and to instead derail me if he can with propaganda to defame me and my credibility. In coming to Santa Cruz to conduct his charade he has fingered whose police dept. is corrupt enough to kill me. The surly disrespectful demeaner of the police here match the behavior of the S.F.P.D. and suggest to me they are plotting to kill me. In fact, both King and the police are trying to get me to move here. My last citation requires that I change my address to Santa Cruz. I had recently been interviewed as a guest in San Diego's biggest talk radio station and I an making headway. King's in a hurry to to let Santa Cruz police kill me apparently.

In the past King has never denied my claim. He has responded instead with comments like; "That's not worth discussing... well guys there is the other side of me, he's been doing this for ten years..." and, usually, "No comment" as he did here and in a N.Y. paper when he added; "You guys in N.Y. can keep Lightfoot."

He has never denied my claims. He can't afford to sue me beside.

W h a t k i n d o f p e o p l e a r e w e i f
w e c a n ' t d e f e n d J o h n L e n n o n ?

What kind of parents are we if we can't even admit that we never saw a trial for John Lennon's killer or that our children are paying the price of our neglect? How can we not admit that that attitude in the past encouraged the murders of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King and now John Lennon? How can we not admit the fact that Tricky Dicky has been hurting us our entire lives much like Susan Smith who pushed her kids into the lake, we have strapped our kids into the lie of Mark David Chapman and pushed them into the lake of another coverup guaranteed to spawn yet more evil. How can we not grab the wheel now when one of us, me, has not only discovered hard, incontrovertible evidence that cracks open the real picture of our lives, but has also honored you with the courage to bring it to the public? Don't you have a duty to people like me-and there's not many to rescue them when the courts and the police and the media have sold all of you out already and are only trying to put an early lid on my casket? Don't you know the media is an extention of the military and not just a bunch of people making money? Don't you know that if you don't pick up a sign and help me no one else will? I've been a loyal, humble watchdog guarding all of you from evil assassinations. You should have seen me that day when King had to pull his Harley on the other side of the block to pretend he didn't see my huge sign; "STEPHEN KING IS A MURDERER: IT'S TRUE OR HE'D SUE" You should have read the pamphlet I put out before he arrived exposing his child molestation conviction and his face getting Lennon's autograph and even daring him to sue me or deny the charge. He couldn't. All he could say Was; "No,,,,,comment." and "Lightfoot is a stone in my shoe but more importantly let's lie about the messenger have him arrested and make him look like the bad guy..." or so many words.

We live a lie. Our orgasms are unholy under these perverted sheets. Lennon's killer is molestIng your kids everybody! Even the animals seem bored with humans lately. I think it's time we picked ourselves up off our face and break "Who shot John Lennon".

We live in a world where N.Y. police and prison officials and journalists like Walters, L. King, Goldman, People magazine, the Enquirer, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN etc. all stalked, murdered, laughed, and lied to us after they killed John Lennon. A world where scumbags like Chapman accept a million dollars to cop to the crime because Stephen King and the govt. need a decoy lookalike. I can't wait till Chapman and King both go to jail. Reagan is already claiming Alzheimers disease. Maybe Yoko's no good either. Let the pieces fall where they may, I say. Clean our lives up. While Chapman was waiting in the police station King was murdering Lennon. Corrupt cops et all arrived and buried the truth and King and Chapman were let out hours later. It's all the truth about our lives and it's not good enough for me, not when a simple gathering of ...fifty people at the Sentinel Dec, 08, 1994 can change everything, one news, spot at a time. Please be there, people.

My own mother and brothers and sister and friends would rather let the govt. murder me than carry a sign for even one day with me. Even McCartney has lost what little nerve he once had. I am carrying thIs story all alone and I need your help people of Santa Cruz. Dec. 08, 1994 I will give you people a chance to do the right thing and rescue me and expose Stephen King. I will conduct a rally in front of the Santa Cruz Sentinel from noon to six PM.

As John would say; "DON'T LET ME DOWN." Please support me. I can't do it alone. Let's confront the media or they won't tell.


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