Thursday, May 15, 2008

FeedBack: Eyes Wide Shut

Robalini's Note: It's odd that the two reviews of Eyes Wide Shut from The Konformist still (nine years after the film was released) get amazing amounts of comments and feedback. Here's yet another:

I saw the movie, Eyes Wide Shut, as a display of Tom Cruise as handler, and Nicole Kidman as his mind control subject. It seems to me that Cruise's motive in the making of this was driven by his own desire to break down his wife's inhibitions under the guise of their art. His goal in my opinion was to sexualize her on screen and thereby weaken the resistance within her inner self. The movie failed because he failed in his goal to manipulate her into letting go of her senuality on film for public display. Now after moving on, he has younger, more pliable material to work with.

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