Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gina Gershon Begs to Differ

Gina Gershon Begs to Differ About That Whole Sex-With Bill-Clinton Thing

One day and about 1 million interpretations after Vanity Fair dared to suggest Bill Clinton sometimes thinks with his dick, Gina Gershon has launched a crusade to scrub her name off the list of the ex-president's rumored paramours. Or, more specifically, Gershon's pit-bull counsel at Hollywood firm Lavely & Singer has launched a crusade on her behalf, and they all seem a bit peeved:

Through the innuendo-laden assertion that Ms. Gershon has been "visiting" with President Clinton in California, the Article outrageously insinuates that Ms. Gershon has had an inappropriate sexual relationship with President Clinton. This is absolutely false, My client has the utmost admiration and respect for both President and Senator Clinton, and she is extremely offended by the false and defamatory inference that she engaged in an adulterous relationship with the President. ... We demand publication of a retraction and correction.

But that infamous plane's owner, Ron Burkle, does make a cameo, as do the Shrivers and even Bono! Who even knew Gershon was this famous?

Ms. Gershon has only been in the same room as President Clinton on three occasions, during which she was always in the presence of anywhere from approximately a dozen people to several hundred or more. Specifically, Ms. Gershon was once one of several hundred or perhaps a thousand guests at a charity event at the White House while President Clinton was in office, which she attended as a guest of the Shrivers. On another occasion, Ms. Gershon attended a dinner in New York honoring Bono, where President Clinton was among the several hundred or more in attendance. On a third occasion, Ms. Gershon was a last-minute addition by one of the other guests who attended a dinner at the California home of Ron Burkle, with 10-15 people in attendance, including President Clinton.

Well, then — that settles it! Their demand for a retraction includes striking the offending passage from Vanity Fair's Web site, to which Gershon's lawyers conveniently link in their correspondence. Read up while you still can!

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