Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nintendo seizes lead in US console war

Nintendo seizes lead in US console war
by Tracy Erickson 07/17/2008

Our new leader.

Speaking to GamePro today Nintendo proclaimed, "After just 20 months, Wii is the new console leader in the US with nearly 10.9 million units."

NPD sales data backs up the claim. Wii moved 666,700 units in the month of June, which is enough to push it over Xbox 360 as the dominant platform in North America.

Despite a year head start for Xbox 360 and two generations of PlayStation consoles leading the market, Nintendo has rocketed back to the top with Wii.

Even with the help of blockbuster exclusive Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots which sold nearly a million copies last month, PlayStation 3 still took a second seat to Wii with a respectable 405,500 consoles sold.

That figure is nearly double the number of Xbox 360s sold in June - 219,800. Adding salt to Microsoft's wounds is the fact that it almost was beaten by PlayStation 2 with an impressive showing of 188,800 units.

Nintendo's new position in the video game market comes hot off the heels of E3 in Los Angeles this week. The annual trade show saw a slew of new game announcements from the company, as well as competitors Sony and Microsoft.

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