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Lava Cocktail Review

Lava Cocktail Review: Summer Solstice Edition 2008
Posted by Lava Cocktail at Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer Solstice 2008 Edition
'A Toast to Your Psychic Health!'
In this Issue
Mencken Prophecy
My Yard/Our Message Project
Porn Soup
Math for Mystics
Suicide and the Afterlife


Aloha Lava Cocktail Surfers,

Thanks for indulging in this issue of LCR. The summer solstice is a powerful time when we reach the maximum amount of light, thanks to the 23 degree tilt of the earth’s axis, a light that should fully illumine the crimes committed by George Bush and his kakistocracy cronies. (For that to happen, we need to bring in more spiritual light which we are fully capable of doing) While Dennis Kucinich and a few anomolous others attempt to get the impeachment ball rolling, the overall silence and Democratic complacency, as evidenced by Nancy Pelosi's continued vacant staring, should shock any U.S. citizen with even a smidgen of political conscience. Yet, the media continues to successfully quell any dissenting voices and only pays lip service to a few token advocates of people's rights such as Michael Moore. See Aeolus Kephas article on this at:

It is nothing more than the continual evocation of collective amnesia at work. As an exercise, I suggest to LCR readers to meditate on such things in the seemingly distant past such as the Saving and Loan scandal during the Reagan years and compare/contrast it with the sub prime mortgage debacle that has thoroughly knocked out the already rotted foundation of our economy and has set us into a tailspin even the most seasoned pilots at the Federal Reserve won't be capable of pulling us out of, not that they’d want to anyways. The criminals that run this country have become caricatures of the very archetypes of evil themselves, so hollow that there's nothing to point a finger at, except very well managed mirages conjured by the trans-national corporations that run this country. And now with Obama and his racist wife promising "change" for the justice thristy amongst us, there will be, guaranteed, more of the same, only even more difficult to pinpont when it comes to bringing the thieves who have stolen America's heart into the courtroom. I recently posted an article on my blog called "The Obama Illusion" and very much worry that if he gets into office he will use the politically correct phalanxes at hand, to ensure that any criticism of his ‘business as usual’, corporate ass kissing policies will be a form of racial discrimination. It could very well be that the whole politically correct phenomena was created by our intelligence forces and deliberately designed to lead up to this very point, of providing us with a truly “blameless” candidate. What is so sinister about the so-called alternatives that we are provided with now is that they are born of some very sophisticated and effective forms of paradoxical psychological manipulation. It is even harder to get to the truth when we are subjected to this classic mind control technique that I've describe elsewhere. What happens is that have no choice but to dissociate and get cut off from our very source, our living font of consciousness, conscience, empathy- and are at the mercy of the very puppet masters behind all of this pathetic, yet devastatingly effective stagecraft.

What I suggest is to first pay attention to the divorcement from reality that dissociation creates and how it affects your physical, mental and emotional bodies, because when we are put into a suspended state of animation, we become fair game for manipulations on many levels. As I've stated before in my Lava Cocktail Hour show on Blog Talk Radio, and in some of my blog essays, that if we don't understand dissociation or are aware of it, we cannot perceive or comprehend the mass dissociation that is occurring, particularly in the U.S.

On a very pragmatic level, one only needs to look at how gas prices are manipulated over a period of time instead of sudden price increases-all to condition the public into a state of dissociation and accepting this egregious usury. Years ago, on one radio station I was trying to tell the announcer that the best way to implement any kind of oppressive program to the public is to do it gradually and cited an example of a picture that I saw in a newspaper of two elderly women getting vaccinations at a toll booth, all as a way to get the public to accept this seemingly innocuous (pardon the pun) thing that could very well lead to mandatory vaccinations carried out on our nation's freeways. The announcer couldn't or wouldn’t grasp this concept and continued to ridicule me as being ‘paranoid’, yet we truly are on the brink of mandatory vaccinations being enforced now. It is certainly happening in our schools. If we are fully present and not dissociated, we become aware of these tactics and cannot be persuaded by them.

In addition to the gradual implementation program cited above, I saw a classic example of paradoxical psychological manipulation being employed, where a newscaster pretended to lament the nearly four dollars a gallon that we are paying currently for gas with the $.12 a gallon that is charged in Venezuela, one of the most oil rich countries in the world. What this does is to paralyze us through the simultaneous introduction of two extremes, making the latter seem so remote and unlikely, even.... undesirable, since the country is run by a blatantly anti-Amerrican Hugo Chavez.

For myself, the best way to prevent paradoxical psychological manipulation and other forms of MK is to focus on the heart, because I don't think bipolar dysfunction could ever manifest on this level-as the heart is about unity, balance and being open to positive change. It is the fulcrum point between the lower earthbound/ego bound chakras and the upper, more ‘spiritual’ chakras in the subtle body. Then, I check to see how present with my surrounding environment I am and those that I'm in proximity to and how adept I am at adapting to their own reality tunnels, idiosyncratic peculiarities: whether it's my deer hunting, snowmobile driving neighbor or friend in South Africa who believes her daughter is losing her soul to reptilian forces. This is extremely difficult and challenging work but it must be done if any can a significant transformation is going to take place.

Another suggestion that I've hopefully not beaten people over the head with too much, but I feel it's very important, is to connect with nature and see how it responds to you. If you are in a dissociated state, chances are the animals will mirror back to you your divorcement. For me, this seems to always manifest in birds fighting within close proximity to me- such as two Ruby Throated hummingbirds duking it out about 3 feet from my face one day, when I was off somewhere else/angry about something, instead of being fully present with my surroundings. One example of nature providing signs in terms of which direction to go occurred the day after a very stressful exchange with two elderly people I’m care taking. During a morning bike ride I encountered two Snapping Turtles attempting to warm up their blood on the road leading into the park. When I got home, I looked up the Native American meaning of such an encounter and the qualities of patients, nurturance, protection, the ability to adapt jumped out at me from the text and I interpreted the signs to incorporate those very qualities into my life to re-harmonize the care taking situation and it worked wonders!

It may be a far leap to read the signs of nature when addressing such remotely controlled criminals as George Bush, Dick Cheney etc. but one time I was giving a demonstration of my Integral Tarot work and drew the Coyote card from the Medicine deck in front of an audience. Prior to this, I had projected an image of George Bush on to the movie screen, then projected the Coyote-the trickster/deceiver right next to him. This was right before the 2000 so-called election. Coyote was attempting to warn us all about some very deceptive things to come and that certainly happened considering that Bush literally stole his way into the White House, as has been so thoroughly documented by such journalists as Greg Palast (esp. in his book Armed Madhouse).

Well, thanks for riding along with my solstice digression here. Take advantage of our maximum light (at least for those of you residing in the Northern Hemisphere) and bring it fully into all areas of your body and mind and soul and realize just how resilient you are and how you do have the adaptigenic potential to ward off the various forms of mind control we we must confront in virtually every aspect of our lives now-both in our sleeping and waking states.


Jaye Beldo


Mencken Prophecy

As democracy is perfected, the office of the president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.

H.L. Mencken, “The Baltimore Sun", July 26, 1920


This is my entry into the My Yard/Our Message project sponsored by the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. Voting on signs starts on July 1st. If you like my sign, please go to:

and vote it onto lawns all throughout Liberal/Fascist Minneapolis!


Porn Soup
by Paul Krassner

Challenging consensus morality comes naturally to satirist and radical activist Paul Krassner, who takes on the most forbidden topics known to humankind, without flinching one bit in his latest compilation of provactive essays, Porn Soup. The book is a cornucopia of irreverence, transgression and downright titillating fun when you spoon more deeply down to the bottom of its sordid bowl and will leave you thoroughly satisfied with the read. Within its pages, one can vicariously thrill to Paul’s description of watching Lenny Bruce get serviced by none other than Blow Job Betty, at least until the gratified comedian sent him out of the hotel room before the couple headed for home plate. Krassner’s hilarious yet sobering piece “Masturbation Helper” describes the most taboo of all sex acts, which according to the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia is an “abominable and wicked act” and is a definite no-no throughout the Islamic world. According to Paul, sexually frustrated U.S. Soldiers in Iraq have been given relief kits distributed by Christian New Life Ministries to preserve their “sexual purity”, all in hopes to prevent them from engaging in a little one hand jerking that may seriously lower troop morale, front line stamina and leave us all vulnerable to the predations of Middle Eastern terrorists. Surely, it must be an honor for an enemy of the U.S. Army to be slaughtered by a ‘sexually pure’ soldier and a guaranteed entry into Islamic heaven to boot.

In the chapter “Addicted to Porn” Krassner skewers an Oprah Winfrey guest named Dr. Weiss, a “self made expert on addiction to pornography.” who apparently makes up the statistics about how many people are hooked on smut, primarily to reinforce his own twisted perspective on the forbidden topic. According to sex writer Susie Bright who is featured in this piece, “There’s not a citation in the world to support him.” Worse than opportunistic Weiss are the Fundamentalist churches who rely on porn to guilt and shame people. “It is so cruel to lead them on and make them think they are dealing with a pathology that requires spending thousands of dollars to be cured by ‘Doctor’ Weiss.” Bright laments.

Porn soup will pleasurably edify all who read it, from wallflower prudes to full bloom prostitutes and will enable us to clearly see the insidious disease created by our persistent and morbid fixation on sexual taboos.
Available @:


Math for Mystics: From the Fibonacci Sequence to the Golden Section and Other Secrets of Sacred Geometry
Renna Shesso

Weiser Books
ISBN: 1-57863-383-4
Published in 2007

Once emanating from a core mystical dimension, numbers as of late have fallen from grace and into the hands of accountants, statisticians and other bean counters bent on cooking their data for maximum profit and deception. However in Math for Mystics: From the Fibonacci Sequence to the Golden Section and Other Secrets of Sacred Geometry author Renna Shesso frees numbers from their imprisonment in spreadsheets, digital calculators and ticker tapes, putting them back into their rightful place, within a more sacred coign of the realm. Citing examples from Egyptian, Celtic, Sumerian and Babylonian mythology, the author demonstrates how mathematics was once considered an essentially spiritual activity which primordially originated from the human body, such as counting the phases of the moon on one’s fingers and thumbs. (We tend to forget that our units of measurement such as the ‘foot’ and ‘fathom’ are originally based on the human body). Shesso even recommends measuring out a personal magical circle using ones own footsteps in order to reclaim the subjective dimension of numbers and grasp their intuitive import . The author shows sufficient etymological command throughout Math for Mystics, making the metaphysical perusal of this work most enjoyable and enlightening indeed. As an example, the word ‘cubit’ comes from the Latin cubitum which means ‘elbow’ (indicating the measurement from the fingertip to the elbow). Shesso seems to suggest that one method to check the illusion that numbers are ‘absolute’ is to take measurementsusing one’s own body and provides ample sources as to how this was done in the past. As an example a ‘fathom’ has been defined as being six feet in length. However, a Greek source from 450 BCE cites the fingertip to fingertip fathom as being seven feet-based on the measurment derived from a human subject. The author shows us that we can find our ‘personal’ fathom by using the measurements of our own bodies (it would be a wonderful project to create tape measures, rulers, perhaps even calculators from our own personal measurements.) The author then goes into the realm of Magic Squares and how letters and numbers are interrelated (the art of Gematria) Most intriguing is her mention of how the Babylonian King Sargo II ‘had a wall constructed to the length of 16, 283 cubits based on the numerical value of his name.’ making one wonder whose names are behind such anonymous edifices as the Pentagon, the United Nations building and the Monsanto Corporation.

The author also explores the realm of Magic Squares and the correspondences between planets, numbers and letters. She mentions scrying with a crystal ball placed in the center of a ‘lo shu’ where the number five should be, a topic she could have elaborated on more fully as it is a little known about practice. Also included are the Durer Square a.k.a. the square of Jupiter, based on the cryptic calculations of the creator of such masterpieces as Melencholia which the author suggests has the ‘cure’ encoded within the print itself.

Throughout Math for Mystics, Renna Shesso evokes the long lost humane dimension of numbers. The value of this work should not be underestimated, especially for those who struggle with mathematics and have been judged and condemned as ‘innumerate’ by professors, counselors and the like. If the sacred dimension of numbers is re-incorporated into our everyday lives, whether we are measuring ingridients for a recipe or plotting out a garden path,they can no longer be abused, manipulated, coerced into fitting into the mold of whatever ‘objective’ doctrine is to be imposed. If such a dimension as explored in Math for Mystics were re-incorporated into numeracy programs taughtin our schools, we would most likely have fewer students failing the subject overall. Math for Mystics should be a part of our educational curriculums indeed.


Suicide: What Really Happens in the Afterlife?
Pamela Rae Heath and Jon Klimo
Published in 2006

According to Albert Camus in his seminal The Myth of Sisyphus, the question of whether or not to commit suicide was the only true philosophical question. If he had been able to break free of his own existential limitations (and those of his Catholic upbringing as well) he would have laughed at the absurdity of the dualistic dilemma he posed for himself and his readers indeed. What if he had actually contacted those on the other side, those who did take their own lives? Would he have continued to posit the dilemma of suicide in such starkly either/or terms? Or would he have found something more transcendental and reconciling? In the book Suicide: What Really Happens in the Afterlife?, we are offered a much broader and deeper view of a topic so taboo that most of us don’t have the strength, willingness or courage to study it in the depth and breadth that it really requires. We are offered the perspective of those who have taken their lives and what they experienced in the afterlife. The authors Pamela Rae Heath and Jon Klimo have meticolously compiled information from various channelers of the departed and offer us an intriguing view that is free of morbidity, dread or even unhealthy fascination that we are prone to when we attempt to broach the topic. Instead, we have the opportunity to see emerging patterns in regards to actually what occurs by reading these channeled messages. This is so compelling because the most prominent concern for survivors of suicided people is the ultimate fate of the departed’s souls. Many spiritual traditions throughout the world try to provide an answer by stressing that suicide is strictly forbidden (unless of course it is done altruistically-for a worthy cause-such as the Buddhist monk’s protesting the Vietnam war by dousing themselves with gasoline and setting themselves on fire). In Hinduism for example, suicide is regarded nothing short of a major violation of one’s karmic contract, for the belief that a soul takes on a body to learn and spiritually evolve is very strong. The belief that the suicided soul will wander in the astral plane for thousands of years only to have to reincarnate again and face everything that was avoided in the previous life is also very strong-not only in Hinduism but in Buddhism and other spiritual traditions as well.

In part I of Suicide: What Really Happens in the Afterlife?, the authors soundly chart out the various traditional approaches to suicide such as found in Freudian psychology and his theory of thanatos (the death instinct) driving people to kill themselves. Such an overview is necessary considering the radical nature of the main topic of the book, i.e., something novel and unsettling to those not well acclimatized to non-material realms or sufficiently versed in the discourses with those who have died. What was most interesting was how the tone of channeled messages from the beyond have changed, especially from the 19th century to the 20th century. Messages received from the departed in the 1800's tended to be more stern, judgemental and unforgiving while those received in contemporary times are of a more compassionate and understanding nature, indicating that the bias and societal conditioning of one’s time are virtually inescapable.

Another topic which certainly sparked the interest of this reviewer was how different methods of suicide related to the chakra system of the subtle body. For example if one shot themselves in the head, they were expressing a sixth and seventh chakra issue (insight and wisdom) in regards to the reason they took their own lives. If one engaged in Hari-Kiri (the unsavory disembowlment method favored by the Japanese) a distinctively third chakra issue (of power and will) was at hand. Even more intriguing was the notion that committing suicide was a seemingly absolute negation of the connection with the spiritual world that exists all around us and that the soul would be faced with little to no help during the transition into the afterlife, whereas someone who was spiritually evolved and who did not take his/her life would greately increase their chances of receiving help from positive beings who would await them (and which have been described in great detail in Near Death Experience literature as compiled by such authors as Kenneth Ring).

The implications within Suicide: What Really Happens in the Afterlife? Are nothing short of profound, especially in regards to how such a broadened and inspired perspective evoked by reading this important work can assist those wrestling with the question of suicide. Perhaps in the near future the information within this book can be used in suicide prevention programs and also to address such sticky issues as assisted suicide as well-it would certainly help evolve the ongoing debates in regards to this topic. Even the so called martyr suicides that persistently disrupt potential peace from occurring., especially in the middle east could also be addressed from a healthier, non-reactionary and compassionate perspective as found within.


Psience: How New Discoveries in Quantum Physics and New Science May Explain the Existence of Paranormal Phenomena
Marie D. Jones
Published 2007
New Page Books
ISBN: 978-1-56414-895-7

It is all to rare to discover a book that dares to bridge the gap between physics and the paranormal. However in Psience: How New Discoveries in Quantum Physics and New Science May Explain the Existence of Paranormal Phenomena the author does just that and in such a convincing way that it is difficult to dismiss the connections made as suitable only for supermarket tabloids. Author Marie D. Jones makes no claims to being a scientist or professional ghost hunter, vampire stalker exorcist and the like. Rather she comfortably occupies a liminal zone between the two and with an open mind offers us insights into the wondrous world of everything from noxious fly by night critters such as the blood sucking Chupacabras, poltergeists (noisy ghosts), ‘vile vortices’ as found within the Bermuda Triangle and worm holes, membrane universes, string theory and, of course, a panoply of particles from Pions, Bosons to Gravitrons. . Most writers would balk at such an unlikely synthesis of the fringe realms and the more ‘acceptable’ avenues of physics. One gets the impression that the author is free of indoctrination from either camp considering the wonderful sense of humor and ability to articulate arcane concepts in an understandable way that can be found throughout the book. Jones brings forth the possibility that UFOs that can traipse between dimensions, spectral entities and such things as precognition and telekinesis may very well be signaling to us to pay close attention to alterations in the space time fabric we call reality. Indirectly, the author suggests that perhaps these phenomena persist in myriads of ways, from time anomalies to ESP, in order that we further acclimate ourselves to multi-dimensional perception, parallel universes and the ability to effortlessly travel to and from these realms.

While having read several books on quantum physics and the paranormal this reviewer was pleased to come across little known subjects such as Random Event Generators used to detect whether or not ‘humanity shared a single subconscious mind that could be tapped into’ and how the mass mourning during the funeral of Princess Diana altered the mass consciousness of the planet. The author also covers ‘M-Theory’ which in order to work: ‘...scientists need to come to terms with the concept of an infinite number of parallel universes that exist alongside our own. ‘ as well as the Holographic Principle proposed by Dutch physicist Gerard ‘t Hooft in 1993 which states that ‘all the basic information in one part of the universe could be equivalent to some information in defined on the boundary of that part of the universe.’ While these concepts all seem rather heady, the author makes sure to ground them out in ways that are graspable by the layperson.

What makes Psience so exciting is that the phenomena described within seem to all lead to the possible realization of what is called the Zero Point Field-something that can only be grasped with a well developed intuition-which the author herself possesses (she is a licensed New Thought/Metaphysics minister and trained field investigator for MUFON-Mutual UFO Network)

Perhaps the goblins and ghouls that maraud about in the ethers, terrorizing individuals deliberately function as a kind of motley police force employed by globabist forces to ward off those who have the potential to fully comprehend and utilize the Zero Point Field (ZPF). Perhaps the above mentioned REGs will inevitably register a spike in the number of people who connect with the ZPF exceeding all previous levels, thus leading to the realization of Free Energy on this planet. Psience is sure to spark such possibilities within ourselves , enabling us to envision the realization of the Zero Point Field as something pragmatic and not forever trapped in the nebulous realm of theory as so many spin scientists are attempting to do. If enough people read this book, the critical mass required to shift the consciousness of the planet will most likely be reached before it is too late.
Jaye Beldo writes for Mysteries Magazine, Paranoia, Girls and Corpses, The Naughty American and other venues on and off line. He can be reached at:

(c)2008-Jaye Beldo

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