Sunday, September 8, 2013

Robalini's Week 1 NFL Picks

New Orleans Saints (-3) over Atlanta Falcons
Look for the Saints revenge year to start great at home against the Falcons.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-3) over New York Jets
The Bucs are a lot better than they're getting credit for.  The Jets are as bad as they say.

Kansas City Chiefs (-3.5) over Jacksonville Jaguars
A good warmup game for the up and coming Chiefs.

Cincinnati Bengals (+3) over Chicago Bears
I expect the Bengals to rise in 2013 and the Bears to fall, so this is a good test game to see how right I am.

Oakland Raiders (+10.5) over Indianapolis Colts
I passed on this game last Sunday, but the point spread kept rising and now is too tempting.  Luck will have a sophomore slump of sorts, and though they should win, it will be close.

Arizona Cardinals (+5) over St. Louis Rams
The Cards have the same defense plus Carson Palmer, so they are a good bet with 5 points.

Green Bay Packers (+5) over San Francisco 49ers
Give Aaron Rodgers five points?  I'll take that!

Dallas Cowboys (-3) over New York Giants
I'm putting my money where my mouth is on backing Tony Romo and the Cowboys to win the NFC East.

Houston Texans (-4) over San Diego Chargers
Whatever problems the Texans have are nothing compared to the Chargers.

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