Thursday, September 19, 2013

Robalini's Week 3 NFL Picks

Here's my results for Week 2
W-L-T record: 5-5-1
Season record: 10-9-2

Kansas City Chiefs (+3 1/2) over Philadelphia Eagles
Look for Andy Reid to at least keep it within a field goal (if not outright win) in his return to Philly.

San Diego Chargers (+3 1/2) over Tennessee Titans
The Chargers may indeed be much better now the curse of Norv Turner is removed.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+7 1/2) over New England Patriots
The Bucs are better than their record suggest, and the Patriots are worse.

Houston Texans (-2 1/2) over Baltimore Ravens
The Ravens rebounded in Week Two, but will fall back against the Texans.

Dallas Cowboys (-3 1/2) over St. Louis Rams
Look for the Cowboys to dominate at home this week.

Washington Redskins (-1 1/2) over Detroit Lions
The Lions are already beat up, and RGIII should return with a roar at home.

Green Bay Packers (-2) over Cincinnati Bengals
I'll take Aaron Rodgers if you take less than a field goal.

Carolina Panthers (-1) over New York Giants
I still think the Panthers are undervalued this year and expect Cam Newton to prove it at home.

Indianapolis Colts (+10 1/2) over San Francisco 49ers
Look for Andrew Luck to keep it close in his return to the Bay Area.

Jacksonville Jaguars (+20) over Seattle Seahawks
I don't care how bad the Jags are: give me 20 points in an NFL game and I'll take it.

Buffalo Bills (+2 1/2) over New York Jets
I think the Bills looks vastly improved this year, and they will deliver against the Jets.

Chicago Bears (-2 1/2) over Pittsburgh Steelers
The Bears offensive line has improved, and their defense has maintained quality.  Neither is true about Pittsburgh.

Oakland Raiders (+15 1/2) over Denver Broncos
The Raiders are competitive this year.  15 1/2 points?  Great bet, even with the Peyton Manning factor.

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