Thursday, September 26, 2013

Robalini's Week 4 NFL Picks

Here's my results for Week 3
W-L-T record: 6-8
Season record: 16-17-2

San Francisco 49ers (-3) over St. Louis Rams
Look for the 49ers to rebound after two humiliating losses with a drubbing of the Rams.

Cincinnati Bengals (-4) over Cleveland Browns
The Browns looked good last week, but it's a fluke.

Indianapolis Colts (-7 1/2) over Jacksonville Jaguars
The Jags are looking as bad as everyone thought.  Maybe they'll be better when they're the Los Angeles Jaguars.

Seattle Seahawks (-2 1/2) over Houston Texans
The Texans appear to be a paper tiger, and the Seahawks are the team that will prove it.

Chicago Bears (+3) over Detroit Lions
The Lions look like they're cursed for bad luck another year.

New York Jets (+4 1/2) over Tennessee Titans
The Jets, with Geno Smith as QB, look much better than expected.  Even when they lose, they lose with style.  Expect at least another close loss.

Philadelphia Eagles (+11) over Denver Broncos
Call me a masochist, but there's no way Peyton Manning can keep covering these ridiculous point spreads.  Right?

Atlanta Falcons (-1) over New England Patriots
Believe it or not, this game had even points at one time, because of pro-Patriot bias (deserved) among bettors.  But the 2013 Patriots are (despite their 3-0 start) clearly not the Pats we know, and the Falcons will prove that at home.

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