Friday, November 23, 2007 11-24-2007

A great way to do some early holiday shopping, avoid a trip to the mall - and support independent journalism vital to democracy - is to go online and purchase one of the books featured at

Through the publisher's Web site, you can buy the first two parts of a planned trilogy on the disastrous Bush Dynasty - Neck Deep and Secrecy & Privilege. The books explain how this remarkable detour for the American Republic happened. By clicking on, you can get the two books at a 25 percent discount.

You also will find there Robert Parry's Lost History: Contras, Cocaine, the Press & Project Truth, just out in a new printing. Lost History explains how the Watergate-era Washington press corps was brought to heel in the 1980s. BuzzFlash calls Lost History a "gem" of a book.

With each purchase of these books through the publisher's Web site, $5 is rebated to help pay the bills at, which for the past dozen years has been producing important investigative journalism and making it available free on the Internet.

If you prefer shopping at, you can find these books there, too. For each purchase through Amazon, $1 goes to help support

Thanks and Happy Holidays.

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