Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Greg Palast Election Files

You're not supposed to see this: all the Greg Palast reports originally broadcast on BBC Television - and the reports they haven't broadcast yet - on the Theft of the Election of 2000. Of 2004. And 2008.

The "Election Files" - the film available only on DVD to supporters of the Palast Investigative Fund .... including never-broadcast interviews with fired US prosecutor David Iglesias, with Bobby Kennedy Jr. blowing the whistle on the vote rustlers, and close ups of Karl Rove-bot Tim Griffin, the caging man, in tears. (You don't want to miss that.)

Watch Palast get busted by Florida State smokies in Katherine Harris' office and YOU decide if, as Harris says in the film, "American democracy has triumphed again."

DON'T whack your goofy brother-in-law with a drumstick just because he says Bush beat Kerry fair and square. Stuff his turkey with the Palast Election Files.

For a donation of at least $50, we'll get it into your hands within two weeks, SIGNED TO YOU PERSONALLY by award-winning investigative reporter Palast.

With the hour-long film are bonus tracks: the confidential documents of the Bush gang. AND Larry David ("Curb Your Enthusiam") reading, "KERRY WON NOW GET OVER IT." Plus Alec Baldwin reading, "Jim Crow in Cyberspace."

Make a tax-deductible donation of at least $75, and we'll add in, signed, Palast's brand new film on DVD, "The Assassination of Hugo Chavez." It's the story of our NEXT oil war reported in advance.

"Palast is America's top investigative reporter - and the funniest," says Randi Rhodes. Find out what's so funny - and so terrifying ... give the gift of truth.

A gift for a friend? Give us their name and Greg will personalize it. Just go to our 'store,' make a donation and leave a note in the box with the names of those who will appreciate the films that Noam Chomsky says, "Upset all the right people."

"Palast is exactly what a journalist is supposed to be - a truth hound, doggedly independent, undaunted by power. His stories bite. They're so relevant they threaten to alter history." - Chicago Tribune

A personal note from Greg:

We absolutely, desperately depend on your holiday time donations. You make the donation, I'll send the gift. The 'Assassination' and 'Election' films are my best stuff - investigation, explanation and the tragicomedy of a White House gone wild. I guarantee you won't get any of this on US mainstream TV - the stories the rest of the world sees.

Real reporting is real expensive. Make a donation and help us buy the shovels to dig out the facts. - Greg

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