Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Has success spoiled Robert Sterling?

Has success spoiled Robert Sterling?
Kenn Thomas

Has success spoiled Robert Sterling? Ever since his recent move to Las Vegas, the former gadfly darling of the konspiracy set has paraded his debauchery before the serious students of parapolitics; held former cohorts up to ridicule and scorn; has done little more than cut and paste lefty opinion rags to present as part of "his" newsletter and has mumbled incoherently about how the konspiracy world has "changed". How is this different than it ever was? In subtle ways, perhaps, but clearly Mr. Sterling has been emboldened by his displacement from the celebrated center of all American kulture (LA) and has taken on the corrupt characteristics of the land of Bugsy Siegel. Rumor has it that these recent charges against Greg Bishop come from the descended remnants of the Meyer Lansky's organization in an attempt to deflect its co-optation of this former great kommentator on konspiracy. This also goes a long way in explaining where Rob is now getting his bucks AND his babes.

Robalini's response: Hopefully, the answer is "Yes!"

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