Monday, April 14, 2008

"Go Ahead. Prove Mel Gibson Wrong..."

South Park Quote of the Week:
"Go Ahead. Prove Mel Gibson Wrong..."


Cartman: Okay. Go ahead, Kyle. Throw your nunchakus away. If you can. But you know well that your Jewish blood won't let you. You can't throw away something you paid fifteen bucks for. Go ahead and try.

Kyle: Screw you, fatass! [struggles to loosen his grip on the nunchakus]

Cartman: Mel Gibson was right, Kyle. Right now the Jew in you is screamig "NO! Those cost money! Get your money back!" You know this to be true. [Kyle continues struggling and begins to grunt] Go ahead. Prove Mel Gibson wrong, Kyle. [closeup of Cartman's lips] Do it! [Kyle struggles even harder, but eventually gives in]

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