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Siegelman: 'Electronically Stolen' 2002 Election

Former AL Gov. Don Siegelman Says Media Ignoring Details of His 'Electronically Stolen' 2002 Election
Has Given Story to 60 Minutes, Dan Abrams, LA Times, WaPo... All Have Failed to Report His Allegations While Covering Other Aspects of His Story...
Posted By Brad Friedman On 11th April 2008
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Still paging Dan Abrams...

The following email comes from Mark Crispin Miller, NYU media professor, and author of the landmark election integrity book, FOOLED AGAIN [1].

It includes an email exchange from yesterday with the finally-free-on-bond former Democratic Governor of Alabama Don Siegelman, concerning his allegations that his 2002 election was electronically flipped.

Yesterday I emailed Don Siegelman, as I had a few matters to discuss with him.

Here's the crucial part:

At 12:12 AM -0400 4/9/08, Mark Crispin Miller wrote:

The other, more important thing is this: As you may or may not know, the one aspect of your long ordeal that the press has stubbornly refused to mention -- or, I think, even to perceive -- is the theft of that election in 2002. Like you, I believe that that was crucial; but the press, quite typically, won't mention it. Frankly, I believe that they, and most leading Democrats, are in denial about it, as its implications are too frightening. Just as they've looked away from all the evidence of vast election fraud throughout Bush/Cheney's reign, therefore, they've also looked away from the subversion of that gubernatorial race in Alabama. And so that chapter of your story is unknown to most Americans, even those who've lately heard the rest of it.

Here is his reply:

Mark, I mention the vote stealing in every interview. 60 Minutes cut it out. Don Abrams didn't want to go there either. I have told the story to the Washington Post and LA Times.

The hook is Rove's fingerprints are found there too. First, in that Rove's friend Jack Abramoff hires Dan Gans,was in charge of " electronic ballot security" in Baldwin County, Alabama,where the votes were stolen. Gans, working for the Alexander Strategies Group, claims credit for the win on his website, which he then takes down when Abramoff gets arrested. The second is Rove's business partner, Kitty Mc Cullough (a/k/a Kelly Kimbrough) is given credit for the electronic vote switch by the state Republican Party.

I asked Don if I could send that out, and he said yes ("Have at it"). So now I offer it to you. If you're an election reform activist, please start your (search) engines. If you're a journalist, please do your job. And if you're just another patriotic citizen, please do whatever you can do to get the press, and/or the Democratic Party, to pay heed.

For starters, how about asking "60 Minutes" why they "cut it out," and asking Dan Abrams why he "didn't want to go there either"? And since Don also told the Washington Post and LA Times about the theft of that election, how about we ask them, too?

This stuff will just keep on happening, until we make it dangerous to do such things.


So, um, yeah...what's the holdup these media outlets have in reporting on this? This is a state Governor, for crying out loud, making these allegations, about his own 2002 election. Isn't that newsworthy enough? Particularly given all the evidence to suggest he was later seriously railroaded, framed and sent to prison in AL by his opponents?

Oh, and then there's the fact that the DoJ --- in an unprecedented move --- ordered control of Alabama's elections to move from the Democratic SoS over to the Republican Governor's office (the same Republican Gov. that Siegelman accuses of stealing the '02 election) in 2006, as we discussed in some detail [2] recently.

One would think Siegelman's allegations themselves --- just the fact that he's making them --- would be newsworthy. God forbid any of the corporate media folks he's spoken with go out and do any actual investigation on them.


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