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Celente Forecasts Who Will Lose In November

KINGSTON, NY, 18 October 2012 — The outcome of the second Obama vs. Romney faceoff has cemented the November outcome, predicts Gerald Celente.

In a Twitter history “first,” Celente tweeted a blow-by-blow analysis of the debate as it unfolded, providing a picture in stark contrast to anything reported in the mainstream media.

“Performance counted, substance was irrelevant,” observed Celente. “Pick up any newspaper, tune in the news, go on the Internet and all you will see and hear are blaring headlines about who won the latest round in the made-for-TV WWF (Washington Wrestling Federation) semi-final showdown:

Obama and Romney Clash in a Debate With Biting Exchanges. New York Times
Obama hits back in fiery debate. BBC
Obama Gets His Mojo Back. Bloomberg
Most Rancorous Presidential Debate Ever. CBS
Obama takes offensive against Romney in debate. Jerusalem Post
Obama fights back in 2nd debate with Romney. Chicago Tribune
Obama vs. Romney Duel: Wild Brawl and two slips. Die Bild
The pugilistic imagery was echoed far and wide by the punditry: It was all about Obama “coming out swinging” after his lackluster performance lost him the first round. The dominant theme of the world coverage was that Obama, this time, was “assertive,” “aggressive,” “combative” and, that the debate was “charged,” “clenched,” and “biting” from the start.

Largely missing from the vast coverage was the glaring fact that both contenders sidestepped the real and catastrophic issues facing America and failed to address the geopolitical uncertainty engulfing the world. The entire debate was mostly devoted to what mattered least.

By contrast, Celente’s tweeted-timeline concisely captures the flavor of the ongoing charade as it unfolded, skewering the shallowness of each contender, noting their obvious similarities – disguised as differences – and lamenting the lack of real plans or strategies to deal with any of the crucial issues affecting the people and the nation.

The following is a selection of the more trenchant of Celente's tweets:

Obama vs Romney. 16 min into The Presidential Reality Show, these 2 a#*holes haven't answered 1 question asked of them.
Vulture Capitalist Romney on Energy: More drilling, more licenses, oil pipe lines, more coal, giving public land 2 frackers & Obama agrees!
Hey Liberal Weenies. Listen to your man of Hope calling for "clean coal." Maybe he can come out with an "almost pregnant" plan.
Liberal Weenies! Obama all in favor of opening "more pipelines" agrees w/ Romney who sez "I will fight for more coal, oil and natural gas."
Proof: Politics is Show Biz 4 ugly people! These 2 wankers keep babbling the same campaign BS lines we've heard 1000 times.
Romney knows Y jobs come and go. GC: Yeah, I know Y2. Because money junkies like him killed Main Street w/mergers & acquisitions. Staples!
Oh, oh, I feel so good. Obama's telling his Mama story & Romney's doing his best to fake it. How can people take this BS seriously?
Oh u lucky ladies. Obama just announced he'll give u free contraception. Yeah Obama! Great advice. Get those contraceptives & test them!
I love it! The nation's fate stands on this issue. "Contraception", Romney talking about it & now selling his environment-raping energy plan
It's a tie: Obama & Romney promising 2 open up more free trade! Great! Find more slave labor countries 2 make stuff & then sell it back 2 US
Obama did it, Obama did it! Reminded us he killed Osama & Al Qaeda on the run. Wow, do I feel safe. And don't forget education & Obamacare!
Here goes Romney. Campaign speech #603. Tell them all of Obama's failures and say nothing of what you would do. Real stale jive Mittens
Here come the Immigrants. Wars raging, economy crashing, people losing everything & 1 hour of non-stop campaign speeches. Save the whales!
Here goes Obama on immigration. Love you Bro! Fix that system. Vote 4 me. Go after "Gang Bangers." Your Commander in Chief speaks
Check it out. Country going to s*#t. No jobs, soldiers being killed, wars raging, homes lost & mounting debt & jerks still on immigration.
Uh, oh, it's getting testy. Romney Did you look @ your pension? Obama brings it back to immigration & swings into campaign mode jive
Libya! Yeah! A country in Civil War thanks to Nobel Peace Prize winner Obomba! Going into Commander in Chief mode. Hunt em down Jack
Libya. He's saying how a Commander in Chief acts. Yeah, same way he acts on The View. He got in his "I got Osama" line again.
Oh I love it! Missionary Mitt who dodged the draft hiding in France saying how sad he is about loss of troops & diplomat, talking war talk
Obama back on Commander in Chief mode. "And there I was greeting the caskets @ Andrews Air Force base." Lead the charge Obama. A Salute!
What a show! High school boys dueling it out 2 become class president. Don't have a job, no future, let's talk gun control for 10 min.
Romney wants to "change culture of violence". Wow! How about starting @ home and stop invading foreign nations. U preach war violence
1 hr 25 minutes and all I heard was the same BS these political whores have been selling for over a year. Debate? No! Campaign speeches
Obama now playing “Mr. Good Man”. He loves families & education. More math & science. Retrain workers. To become cashiers.
They're back on taxes. Not 1 concrete thing they said will improve the economy & create jobs. Ever hear of NAFTA! Rep/Dems sold us out.
Here goes Obama, his grandfather fought in WW II ... what a joke, what a sick, sick joke & joke is on America. 1 of these guys will lead US.
Mouse Blitzer telling us what 2 think. Presstitutes of the World Unite! Do your duty. Pundits "must tell us" what they think & Y we should 2
They rank this rank garbage as a "good debate." Man are they tight! That's it for me. More torture for 1 night than any human can stand.
Celente's Forecast Amid all the media’s fighting words used to describe two cream puff candidates, nary a word was said about their integrity, courage, vision for the future, or their practical plans and strategies for reversing the myriad negative trends devouring America from within. Despite the platitudes and promises each man made, it is perfectly clear neither would do anything more than keep on doing more of the same … just in his own style.

How can Americans keep on chanting “USA! USA! We’re  #1” when faced with a choice between an empty suit who can’t defend his record and a stuffed shirt with no perceivable plan or strategy?

Gerald Celente’s forecast for who will lose in November was tweeted five hours before the debate began: “Round 2.” Obama vs. Romney on The Presidential Reality Show. Going to Vote 4 a Lesser of 2 Evils? Whoever wins, YOU LOSE.”

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