Sunday, January 20, 2013

Anne: the world's richest woman

Anne Getrude Wilson, the great great grandaughter, of the late President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson, is the "unknown" richest woman in the world. She was born in the United States in the year 1965. But since 1974, Anne has lived in Malaysia; she did came back to her original country, the United States of America, in the years 1986-1987, as well as 1994....but since then she has never travelled back to the USA.

The "secret" of Anne's wealth is related to the "secret" will of the richest man of the 19th. Century, Andrew Carnegie. This will of Andrew Carnegie is rather obscure, and known only to its "keepers". I myself first knew of this will of Andrew Carnegie after meeting Anne' s parents, who are named as "Papa Hasan" and "Mama Mary (Wilson)" in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, sometime in 1974.

Mama Mary is a former "academician", and has a PhD in Arab political history from Oxford University. She told me that the will of Andrew Carnegie could be found in the "archives" of Princeton University, New Jersey. Prof. Mary Wilson had formerly taught "Middle Eastern Studies: studies and methods" at New York University, New York City, USA, when I had studied there in 1986-1987, as a post-graduate student at the Hagop Kevorkian Center of Middle Eastern Studies, at NYU.

"Papa Hasan" is a rather "mysterious" dad of Anne Wilson. He told me back in 1987 at NYU, that he was an "American expatriate" working and living in Malaysia....he was unsure whether to live in America or Malaysia, but I got him convinced to "emigrate" to Malaysia.

I only had "more in depth" knowledge regarding the "secret will of Andrew Carnegie" during Anne's meeting with the famous "richest man in the world" , that is "Bill Gates" of Microsoft in the year 1994, at a bulilding in Virginia, USA. Anne had met Bill Gates in 1987 at NYU, and again in 1994 at Virginia, USA. I learnt from both Bill Gates and Anne, that Andrew Carnegie had an "adopted daughter", but this "daughter" of his died before he did. Anne told me that Andrew Carnegie was an "impotent" and that he had no children of his own, except that "adopted daughter" of his.Because of this he had a "secret will" written regarding his inherited wealth. He willed that the man to whom his inheritance will be inherited must be a person who fully understood the "Laws of Success' written by his (now) famous student and writer of "motivational books" by the name of Napoleon Hill. Napoleon Hill had interviewed Andrew Carnegie, as well as other materially sucessful people in the USA during his time, and figured out his now famous "laws of success"....Now, Andrew Carnegie made this full understanding of Napoleon Hill's writings as a pre-condition for the one person to whom his inheritance will be inherited...such as the principles of the "master-mind" as well as the rather "mysterious" concept of "telepathy".

But there was also another "very important " condition outlined by Andrew Carnegie's will....that the future inheritor of his inheritance upon his death must be a "Muslim man married to his Christian spouse" this leaves us a question, was Andrew Carnegie a Muslim upon his death....nothing is known regarding this matter, and all biographical sketches of him as can found in the "internet" showed that he had lived as a Christian, and most probably died also as a Christian....but it is interesting that he made the above as a precondition for the couple who would inherit his wealth, upon his if he knew the Quranic teaching allowing a "Muslim man" to marry a "Christian girl"....

The conditions prescribed by Andrew Carnegie was not fulfilled by anyone until sometime in the 1970s. All this while, his wealth was managed by a group of people closely related to the ideas of Napoleon Hill.....Bill Gates told me that one of those person responsible of taking charge "of the secret wealth" of the inheritance of Andrew Carnegie, was his own mother.....but the matter is now closed, and it is now just a matter of "business history" only, because the couple fitting in the description "conditioned" by Andrew Carnegie's will, had already been found, and thus the "will of Andrew Carnegie" had been fulfiulled.....the Christian lady mentioned in Andrew Carnegie's will is "Anne Getrude Wilson" who got married to me in an Islamic marriage in the village of Tal Tujuh, in the state of Kelantan in the then "developing" nation of Malaysia in 1979.

So since the middle 1970s, Anne has been the "unknown" keeper of the wealth of the inheritance of Andrew Carnegie, and had lived most of her life in Malaysia. Anne continued to be its keeper, as agreed in the meeting of this "unknown business empire" at NYU, New York City in 1987....

So it was Anne and her father Papa Hasan who was responsible for the magnificient leaps of "economic development" that Malaysia had experianced espescially since 1977 till now. Anne too is the "unknown" majority share-holder of the Coca-cola stocks which she had bought through an Islamic mutual fund called the Amana Trust Fund, in the year 1987, when the "Black Monday" of October 1987, struck the NYSE to its greatest fall, since the Great Depression happened in the United States in the early 1930s.

Anne also has personal business contacts with Bill Gates's "Microsoft" agreeing to invest in that company, in their meeting in 1994, in Virginia, somewhere in a building related to "Napoleon Hill" and Coca-Cola. Since 1994, Bill Gates became a house-hold name all over the world, as the "richest man in the world"; but not much is known that it was Anne who had agreed to Bill Gates being the entrepreneur, by which the "money and stocks" she is entrusted with, will be invested in Bill Gates's "Microsoft". But since Anne as well as her parents now live in Malaysia, the person taking care of those investments of hers in the United States of America, is her also "unknown brother" named Peter......

Dr. Azlan Khalili Shamsuddin

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