Monday, October 12, 2009

All hail king Obama...

All hail king Obama... Nobel Peace Prize winner - 2009
October 9, 2009
San Antonio Civil Rights Examiner
Ramiro Escamilla

"And the award goes to..."

If there was any doubt about who runs the world before, it is no longer in question. Barack Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009. Along with becoming the first president to chair the UN Security Council (largely because it is in direct violation of Section 9 of the United States Constitution), never producing an official "Birth Certificate" to squash the claims of his Kenyan birth which even his grandmother admitted to being fact (A "Certification of Live Birth" was produced but is not an official record with witnesses and can be issued at any time in a persons life--That document has been looked over by professionals and said to have irregularities in it as well) and having pushed for (even starring in commercials in support of) the "banker bailouts" that have now reached a total of over 23 trillion -- yes with a "T"-- dollars, Obama has extended troop levels and withdrawal dates in Iraq, & Afghanistan. Also remember that in his first days in office he signed off on aerial drone attacks on Pakistani territories that killed innocent civilians. Let's list his great accomplishments and compare them to George Bush, shall we?

Patriot Act renewal? - Check

Stance on FISA? (warrantless wire-tapping started by Bush) and the legal immunity with it - Check

Rendition? (the act of sending suspects to countries that specialize in torture for help with "enhanced interrogation techniques" - Check

Keeping GITMO Open? - Check

Secret prisons? (Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan) - Check

Indefinite detention? (held with no chance of being released if charged terrorism) - Check

Stance on Iran? - Check

Stance on Palestine? - Check

Stance on Russia? - Check

Aid to China with all its humane treatment of its citizens? - Check

Iraq troop levels the same and a reevaluation in 2011?(right before the next election) - Check

Afghanistan troop levels increased? (with no withdrawal date) - Check

Drone attacks on any nation we aren't officially at war with? - Check

Hiring lobbyists to run his presidency? (which he said he wouldn't do in his campaign) - Check

Pushing bills through Congress without more than a few hours to read them? (some being over 1,000 pages long) - Check

And on and on... It seems that the only thing that changed in the last election was our President's ability to read a teleprompter without the errors worthy of comedic jabs from the late night talk show hosts and a keen ability to create the illusion of change through an unprecedented daily media blitz without actually giving us any at all. So, while we hear new words, we see old actions... or perhaps that's just it, we don't see them. Perhaps good intentions and mission statements are all we care about now? Perhaps we should only judge a President on his words and never his actions? If that is the case, then yes... we have a fantastic, peace-pushing, progressive president... Glad we don't have that warmongering, legislative pork-loving, financially inept, imperialistic, lying George Bush anymore! Oh, wait...

As my favorite athlete says: Talk is Cheap.

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