Friday, October 26, 2007

The Case Against 'Jesus'

Christians' worst nightmare is materializing: The book that proves 'Jesus' never existed, and 'Christian' religion in all of its versions is a 1900-year-old fraud on humanity, is being readied for print.

Preparing a Fourth (Revised and Illustrated) Edition of my e-book The Case Against 'Jesus' for publication as a printed book has occupied so much of my time that I have not been able to produce issues of my newsletter lately. I hope to resume the newsletter next week.

Maybe print publication will help overcome the resistance to the book. If so and I can break through the blacklisting via some brave mass media person willing to discuss the book, and public attention results, "Christian" religion is on its way to the trash heap. The book PROVES that there never was any "Jesus Christ," there never were any apostles, there never were any "Christians," and the entire New Testament is fiction. The evidence I have provided is massive and irrefutable. Belief in "Jesus" and the purported events described in the New Testament does not survive this book.

The "Christian" prayer these days is: "Please God, don't let Burton Wolfe's book get out" - because if it does, the party is over for "Christianity."

I cannot tell you when the printed version of the book will appear, but my guess is that it will not happen until sometime next year. Meanwhile, you can read it as an e-book. For information on how to order the book, go to the web site of the online division of Wild West Publishing House. Click on the following URL to get there:

Sample comments on The Case Against 'Jesus'

"A brilliant case. Your work is first rate." - Gore Vidal

"I agree with you one hundred percent that the biblical Jesus is a total fabrication. I had always thought so as a hunch after some casual investigation, but you make the case beyond possible doubt." - Ralph Anspach, Distinguished Professor of Economics Emeritus, San Francisco State University

"Yours is the first statement, since Albert Schweitzer's at the beginning of the 20th Century, that Christianity will have to surrender the historicity of Jesus." - Professor G.A. Wells, Birbeck College, University of London. (Wells is one of the foremost biblical scholars in the world and the author of such classic works on Jesus as Did Jesus Exist?.)

"You may not call yourself a scholar, but you certainly have done a great deal of honest scholarly research...It often takes so-called 'amateurs' such as yourself to get us so-called 'scholars' to see that the Emperor has no clothes!...You have many excellent scholars who support you in your view that no Talmudic reference to Jesus is trustworthy...Why would a Jew admit that Jesus even lived?...I believe that you are to be commended for stressing the importance of the issue of whether Jesus ever lived, inasmuch as the existence of Jesus is the sine qua non for Christianity..." - Louis H. Feldman, Professor of Classics, Yeshiva University, New York. (Feldman is one of the foremost translators of the works of the First-Century historian Flavius Josephus.)

"Thank you so much for your book. It's having a stupendous effect in the free-thinking community of individuals not gullible enough to swallow the tall-tales the Catholic religion concocted to assert domination over governments and society. I hope sincerely that some day your book will be published and reach thousands who have digested the fantasy of a mythic Jesus and a supernatural god." - Leland W. Ruble, Editor-publisher of the journal Perceptive Freethought.

"Our acqusitions committee has found your work most engaging. Its lively and provocative approach should entice readers to rethink traditional positions regarding the status of Jesus and the origins of Christianity. It is our fervent hope that you will continue your research and complete your manuscript on this fascinating topic." - Steven L. Mitchell, Editor-in-Chief, Prometheus Books.

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Anonymous said...

My Witness Against "The Son Of Man!"

By Andrew, the Sickened Christian

Since God boasts of His mercies & begs people to follow His Son Jesus Christ, WHY does He then flagrantly ignore the cries of His followers in their hour of need? I have begged Him, cried to Him, & nearly beaten myself up in torment trying to pray to this so-called powerful God,m & All His Son does is arrogantly ignore me, & my cries for help. It makes me utterly sick, & it has bitterly imbittered me, as a former street preacher. Where does this thorny-crowned prince come off, ignoring the cries of His followers? I have spread His word, I have NEVER led anyone astray whilst doing so, & all He does is cohort with Lucifer, to bring me to utter ruin. I am disillusioned, disgusted, & absollutely disappointed in His Son Jesus Christ. I don't mind say'n I'd love to bust Him in His lip, that prick!!

I have this to ask of this so-called powerful living God: IF you are so powerful & exhalted above Lucifer, than WHY are you cohorting with Lucifer to bring me as your follower to ruin? Who in the hell do you think you are, trying to manipulate people to follow You, when you take such a big phuc'n shite on me, & why are you leaving my friend completely broke with no money? You make me so sick already, with your needling me to do Your will, & when I do, You treat me like utter shite by ignoring me, good & proper. You threaten people with hell & torment before Your Son the Lamb, & when yYou finally lead one of us to Hm, you strip the true follower of EVERYTHING we have, leaving us to live like some worthless shit-eating Grub-worm, You phuc'n prick-off!! Half of me absollutely HATES You, but the other half of me will never forget those miracles You performed in my life, when I got saved several years ago. -- So, there You have it. Ya want honesty, GOOD!! There it is!! Stop treating me like such shit, & I'll start wanting to follow You, again, You asshole!!

You leave my house mate without any money, & complain that he won't turn his heart over, or that his heart is too hard t oaccept You???? - Who the phuc are You, anyway???? What the phuc is Yer phuc'n problem, Jesus Christ, You asshole!?!?! Stop phuc'n with my friend, by cohorting with yer faggot friend Lucifer, & get off my friend Kieth's back, & maybe then he'll want to worship -- All this talk about sowing seeds of mercy -- You are so full of shit!! - He DOES have a good heart, but You won't give this guy a break!! - It's no wonder he's so phuc'n disallusioned with You, You phuc-head!! -- You allow social security to lie to him & steal his money due him & all You can do is like... NOTHING!! -- Prick!!

On 07/21/2011, you sat there on Your throne & did nothing at my drop in center, when my girlfriend had no money to eat. -- You did NOT send anyone her way to pay for her -- you let people steal money from me that I may not pay for her... I phuc'n hate You, You lazy bastard!! Get off Your phuc'n ass, & do Your Goddamed job, -- that's why You're on that throne to begin with, muth'a phuc'r, NOT to just sit there, & do nothing!! Faggot!! -- My girlfriend is sitting here hungry & will go hungry for the next few hours, thanks to You. Thanks alot!! & she thanks You for that, too. Jerk!!