Sunday, October 28, 2007

The GOP-Hater's Handbook

The GOP-Hater's Handbook: 378 Reasons Never to Vote for the Party of Reagan, Nixon and Bush Again (Paperback) -- Shipped On or Around November 15
By Jack Huberman

"From the author of the bestselling Bush-Hater's Handbook, and in time for the 2008 election, here comes Jack Huberman's latest foray into the dark side of right-wing politics."

From the Publisher, Nation Books:

"Anyone in search of a concise, scary, and darkly entertaining overview of the Grand Old Party record--or in need of talking points for debating conservatives--will find the perfect guide in The GOP-Hater's Handbook.

Summarizing, detailing, and bewailing the more significant Republican outrages past and present--and some of the more trivial ones--this book is the brainchild of Jack Huberman, the former Canadian who took up U.S. citizenship just so he could vote against Dubya in 2000.

With punchy sidebars and political cartoons, The GOP-Hater's Handbook is the perfect gift for that special GOP-hater in your life--or for any misguided Republican you hope to rescue from the outer darkness."

Jack's previous book, the "Bush-Hater's Handbook," was one of BuzzFlash's top sellers.
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