Thursday, October 11, 2007

Raw Spirit Fest in Sedona, Arizona

Raw Spirit Fest in Sedona, Arizona
Contact: Happy Oasis (928) 776-1497

With obesity and so-called incurable diets on the rise in our country and even abroad, individuals, medical professionals, administrators and researchers are searching for solutions. A sub-group of medical professionals and people have discovered ways of eating and living more in harmony with the produce earth produces to restore and maintain wellness.

Raw Veganism is on the rise. And The Raw Spirit Festival boasts of wholeheartedly presenting the works, talents and insights individuals, medical professionals, administrators and researchers who are living the new healthful realities offered by raw foodism.

While sound waves from RSF’s many musical performances waft through the red rocks of beautiful Sedona Arizona, seven organic raw vegan gourmet meals will be served to all, while hundreds of vendors will offer a wide variety of items for sale including exotic food tastings, hemp clothing, CDs, DVDs, books, chair massage, wellness therapies, jewelry and the most cutting-edge eco-technologies available on the planet, including a variety of electric cars.

Featured speakers included dynamic David Wolfe, wise Victoria Boutenko, pioneer Viktoras Kulvinskas, Distinguished Doctors in the know, India’s pre-eminent solar-gazing teacher HRM, Jasmuheen from Australia, foremost international ethnic chefs including an entire contingent of British Raw Food Chefs who are set on making amends for hundreds of years of boiled potatoes by making the most startlingly scrumptious raw vegan cuisine ever!

Main Outdoor and Indoor Stages will feature well-known celebrities such as Woody Harrelson and Alicia Silverstone, and the greatest speakers in the raw-eco-health world. Visit the Workshops Area to plunge into didactic and direct experience, grooving the latest about what’s happening eco-wise around the planet.

And what does the 2007 Raw Spirit Festival share in common with the spectacular scenery of Sedona? This raw vegetarian, world-class music, eco-sustainability festival ROCKS! If you love live music in a gorgeous outdoor grassy location, fire spinning beneath the stars, get-down dancing and powerful performance, you’re sure to become completely enamored with the dynamic synergized musical line-up at this year’s Raw Spirit Fest in Sedona, October 12th – 14th.

Ongoing musical performances include the innovative and profound Scott Huckabay; Prescott’s own Grammy-nominee Liz Story; jazzy Prescott pianist Tim Whitcanak; high-vibin’ Hawaiian Shimshai; profoundly celestial Tina Malia; Sedona’s venerated ecstatic luthier William Eaton; haunting native-style flautist and didge artist John Dumas; Sedona’s grooviest African-style drummer Three Trees; enlightened New York rap artist Fun Yung Moon; Sudhandanda and his melodious, healing songs of the Northwest forests; beautiful Manaka’s inspired island reggae; Connie Fisher’s eclectic folk magic; and musical comic celebrity for the stars, Scott Kalechstein, plus Many More are guaranteed to catalyze your highest vibe!

San Francisco’s Vatra will spin fire beneath the stars; Prescott’s wildest African Dancer Liz Faller, Sedona’s Belly Dancer Carrie Konya and Europe’s Slide Dancer Bettina Seidl will tantalize the senses, Mr. Human Singing Bowl will inspire shared serenity, countless indoor-outdoor restaurant muses will have a chance to play their songs, while wandering musical minstrels will enlighten cozy corners of the gorgeous festival grounds. Paying participants, including You, are encouraged to share your talents at Sunday evening’s Talent Show.

Children are half price or free and welcome to join our playful Kids’ Programs. Health coaches are available for free advice on a one-to-one basis while Leadership Sharing Circle gives the newest authors opportunities to shine and stimulate provocative group dialogue. Ongoing Wild Plant Hikes, Cuddle Party Booth and Speed Dating Games offer more fun ways to mingle. The Raw Spirit Festival happens October 12th - 14th, beginning at noon on Friday and ending at 10 pm on Sunday. More fun-loving activities are available on Monday October 15th a la carte.

Registration is available online and at 928.776.1497 or 804.708.7324. .

• Talks, Workshops & Inspiration by over 60 phenomenal speakers, workshop leaders and facilitators including David Wolfe, Viktorus Kulvinskas, Jameth Sheridan, Joel Furman, Jasmuheen, Brian Clement, Victoria Boutenko, Len Horowitz, Dennis & Elizabeth Kucinich,
• Celebrity appearances
• Seven Gourmet Raw Vegan Meals
• Free raw chocolate samples from some of the best raw chocolatiers and candy-makers in the raw vegan world
• Free samples of many delicious raw vegan food items including Kombucha by High Country Kombucha, Superfood Snacks Chocolate Goji Treats, Larabars, Raw Revolution Bars, Ancient Sun's Wild Bar and more
• An Electric Car Exhibit
• International Debut of Two Major Films and a Mini-Film Fest
• Extraordinary Social Opportunities: Leadership Sharing Circle, Conscious Speed Dating, Cuddle Party, Free Coaching
• Fire Spinners, Dancers, Musicians: Over 15 amazing performers including Scott Huckabay, Liz Story, Shimshai, Tina Malia, William Eaton, and more!
• Live Food Prep Demos by amazing raw and living food chefs
• 240+ Conscious Exhibitors who share the most ecologically-friendly, conscious products on the planet
• A Rawfood Meetup Booth for people involved with a local Rawfood Meetup
• Wild Food Walks and beautiful natural scenery
• Ongoing music, poetry reading and sharing
• Chocolate party and book signing with David Wolfe and Nick Good
• Endless opportunities to meet amazing new conscious friends
• The most awesome rawsome rawkin party on planet earth
and more!

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