Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Greg Bishop Lawyers Silence Konformist

Robalini's Note: After speaking to high-powered lawyers this week retained by Greg Bishop, alleged CIA disinformation agent, I regret to inform all Konformist readers that I am unfortunately unable to currently provide the evidence of his ties to the CIA until I retain counsel over the legal proceedings which are currently being launched against me. Hopefully, this matter will be taken care of soon. In the meantime, here is a piece from Adam Gorightly's wonderful blog on the story. Enjoy it before legal shenanigans force him to take it down as well...

Greg Bishop Outed on Untamed Dimensions
October 27, 2007

A truly great and courageous American citizen, Robert Sterling of “The Konformist”, appeared on my show today and revealed the shocking evidence he has uncovered which proves–beyond a shadow of a doubt–that Greg Bishop, author of “Project Beta”, is a CIA disinfomation agent. The interview can be listened to, in its entirety, at the following link:

I commend Mr Sterling for having the fortitude to step forward and blow the whistle on an individual I once considered a dear friend, but who it now has been revealed was pulling the wool over ALL of our eyes.

And although Mr Sterling is not one to toot is own horn, I want to publicly note that not only has he put his own life on the line by outing Bishop, but that he also oversees his own ministry, which helps wayward young women to get right with the lord, and set themselves upon the path of salvation. Below are just a few photos featuring Rev. Sterling with some of the women he has helped shepard back into good graces of our heavenly father.


Anonymous said...

Without knowing what the evidence is, there is just as much reason to believe Konformist has a personal issue with Bishop that has resulted in a lawsuit. Until the evidence is produced, there is no story here and debate is immaterial. I see no reason to doubt Project Beta or government deception and manipulation of the UFO community, and I'll bet (although I have no personal knowledge) that it is the tip of the iceburg.

Anonymous said...

whoops, berg.

Anonymous said...

c'mom people, it's clearly a prank..."H44B-Day", happy 44th Birthday to Greg Bishop, Oct 26...sheesh, conspiracy folks are so gullible...these guys are all tight buddies and are pulling one over on you. Listen to the interview, it is all very obviously tongue-in-cheek