Saturday, October 20, 2007

The BuzzFlash Blend of Fair Trade Coffee!

The BuzzFlash Blend of Fair Trade Coffee! TWO 12 Ounce Bags, Whole Bean

We'll be introducing a series of BuzzFlash special products, and our first offering is this aromatic organic, Fair Trade coffee from Bolivia.

In co-operation with Just Coffee of Madison, Wisconsin, this shade-grown special BuzzFlash whole-bean blend releases a bold flavor with hints of cocoa and spice.

The BuzzFlash staff held tastings and selected the BuzzFlash blend from five choices. So it's got our BuzzFlash seal of approval, and we are big java consumers. That's why we are buzz'n all the time.

As the BuzzFlash label on the coffee expresses, organic Fair Trade coffee is "not just a market, but a movement."

Your purchase helps ensure equitable wages and sustainable living to coffee growers, and helps support

This makes a great ongoing morning wake-up cup of java, for special dinners, or for a holiday gift.

The BuzzFlash Blend is 100% Fair Trade, Consistent with the Commitment of Our Coffee Partner, Just Coffee:

"Why 100% Fair Trade? Just Coffee is a 100% Fair Trade roaster. Why is that important? We believe that you either get it or you don’t. Some companies do 5%, 25%, or 50% of their coffee using Fair Trade criteria. While any fair trade is great, we don’t know how you can commit to doing the right thing by some growers and not others. It winds up being charity as opposed to economic justice.

Doing a small percentage of fair trade has many advantages for a less-committed coffee company. A company can use their fair trade coffee to get accounts they could not with their “conventional” coffee like universities, churches, and food co-ops. They can also offer their fair trade coffee at dirt cheap prices and subsidize the loss by offsetting it with profits made for coffee bought at “sweatshop” prices.

We see fair trade as a tool to change the global economy and to help equalize the disparity of wealth between countries in the global north and the global south. By our way of thinking, anything less than a 100% commitment to the model would be disingenuous.

Small-scale farmers everywhere deserve a living wage for their hard work. And they deserve it all of the time, not just some of the time."

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