Friday, October 26, 2007

Greg Bishop, CIA Disinformation Agent

The Konformist has just received indisputable evidence that Greg Bishop, a former Konformist Kontributing Editor and the winner of a Project Censored prize for his work with the magazine, is in fact a CIA disinformation agent planted within the paranormal community to control the terms of debate among topics such as UFOlogy.

According to the documents, Bishop, whose code name was "H44B-DAY" by the agency, received hundreds of thousands of dollars for his work. His work has led to CIA spin to be inserted within the paranormal community, and apparently the death of at least seven individuals who "knew too much."

Because of these revelations, we advise all Konformist readers to boycott all his work, which now includes numerous books. After all, why pay for something when it's already being financed by the US government?


Anonymous said...

Are you serious or is this a joke? If you are serious, can you provide the evidence so that your readers know the grounds upon which you base your claim?

X. Dell said...

I have to agree with anonymous. This is a very serious accusation. If made in jest, then the gag's pretty sardonic. If made in all serious, the statement would still have to be verified. After all, snitchjacketing is a very old trick.

If possible, posting said documents would really help in clarifying the issue. If not possible, a better description than "documents" would help a little.

But assuming this is true, and Bishop is a disinfo specialist then we should be examining everything he's said quite closely, instead of boycotting him. What better opportunity will we have to find out what ideas the Agency wanted to push?

In other words, the entire opus could represent a Rosetta Stone of disinformation.

I know. No one wants to enrich somebody they felt might have betrayed them. But one can donate books to libraries, so that they can be available through interlibrary loan to a number of researchers. Reviews would be easy enough to post, and articles probably abound on the Internet. Bishop site's still up.

Still, I wouldn't mind so much a disinformation specialist making a couple of dollars. If it makes the disinfo clearer, then I wouldn't mind ponying up a buck or two.

Unknown said...

Are those other 2 comments serious? They don't get it?

Agent H44B-Day. :-)

Carlos said...

Sterling, the grey alien abductors are on their way. Prepare for mind-wipe and anal probing. You've been declared an "enemy combatant" and your new cell mate Scooter is looking forward to finally getting a new girlfriend

X. Dell said...

We're obviously not in the clique. But you'd be surprised at some spy humor.

Paul Kimball said...

Happy 44th B'day, Greg, you evil disinfo agent you! :-)