Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Aflockalypse Now

Probably the strangest story of the new year is the pattern of mass deaths around the world of birds, fish and other creatures. It is so perplexing, CNN's Anderson Cooper brought on his show noted scientist Kirk Cameron to answer questions about this wacky fad. The cases are so bizarre, has as a headline for it's report on the subject: "Is This the End of the World?"

Here are some of the examples:

"Up to 5,000 birds fell from the sky New Year's Eve in Beebe, Arkansas"

"500 birds found dead in southern Louisiana in seemingly separate incident"

Falling birds likely died from massive trauma
January 4, 2011

"As officials worked to figure out the cause of death of some 5,000 blackbirds that fell from the Arkansas sky this weekend, some 100 miles away another disaster was unfolding: The discovery of 100,000 dead drum fish in the Arkansas River..."

100,000 dead fish join thousands of dead birds in Arkansas
Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Hundreds More Dead Birds Fall From Sky In Kentucky

Dead Birds Found In Sweden

"Thousands of dead fish were floating in Volusia County Tuesday. They were all in Spruce Creek in Port Orange. The fish kill is unusual because it is warm, according to people who live along the creek.

It's been a week since there were freezing temperatures, but there are fish lining the banks. Some said it's the worst kill they've ever seen; thousands of fish lined the twists and turns of Spruce Creek."

Thousands Of Fish Dead In Spruce Creek
January 4, 2011

"To add more to the mystery, a report came out today that around 1,500 endangered and protected ‘Sooty Shearwater’ (Puffinus griseus) birds have been found dead in the coast of Chile."

Arkansas & Chile: Dead Birds & Fish
Javier Ortega
January 4, 2011

"Countless turtle doves were found scattered in the streets, in flower beds and hanging tragically from trees 'like Christmas balls' in the town of Faenza. Many of the birds that fell dead from the sky were discovered with a mysterious blue stain in their beaks."

Birds Dying In Italy: Thousands Of Turtle Doves Fall Dead From Sky
Travis Walter Donovan

"The Thanet shoreline is littered with the crabs, along with dead starfish, lobsters, sponges and anemones."

40,000 crabs join slew of animal-death mysteries
Jenni Dunning
Jan 6, 2011

2 million fish found dead in Maryland
January 7, 2011

Major, Bizarre Fish Die-Off Along Lakefront
January 11, 2011

The more popular explanations for these mass deaths on the Internet have been the testing of biological weapons and/or HAARP technologies. One Website,, linked the mystery death of John P. Wheeler III, an aide to Reagan and both Bushes, to the mass animal deaths. While the mainstream media focused in its obits on his fundraising for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the site noted his "military career included writing one of the most important manuals on the effectiveness of biological and chemical weapons." Wheeler certainly fits the profile of an honest whistleblower, and this may explain why he was found dead in a Delaware landfill in a style more fitting of a Mafia squealer than a Washington insider.

Top US Official Murdered After Arkansas Weapons Test Causes Mass Death
Sorcha Faal
January 4, 2011

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