Sunday, January 23, 2011

The G.I. Joe Conspiracy

From The Vigilant Citizen, the Masked Internet Superhero who brought you the koolest konspiracy of the last two years with the "Lady Gaga is an Illuminati Agent" theory, now has G.I. Joe in his/her target. According to Vigilant, the Joe cartoons in the 80's weren't merely half-hour long commercials for really cool toys you wanted your parents to buy for you, but rather a diabolical propaganda unit for the New World Order. And to Vigilante's credit, the case made is a pretty powerful one:

G.I. Joe is an iconic cartoon TV show that marked an entire generation of young boys during the 80s. Most fans still recall the main characters and the epic gun fights. But what about the storyline? A look at the TV series in today’s context is quite a strange experience: Many of Cobra’s “far-out” plots are actually happening today. Could G.I. Joe be a case of predictive programming? We will look at some G.I. Joe episodes describing the replacement of the US dollar and the usage of mind control on celebrities and civilians and see how they relate in today’s context.

To read the whole article:

How the Animated Series G.I. Joe Predicted Today’s Illuminati Dajjal Agenda
December 18, 2010

And to read more from Vigilant:

Of course, Vigilante doesn't mention the other G.I. Joe conspiracy, that the 70's version of the doll (uh, I mean, action figure) was, like his Mattel Toys knock-off Big Jim, totally gay. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) The "G.I. Joe, Big Jim and the homosexual agenda" theory is even more persuasively presented at Retroland in its recent profile of the Big Jim toyline:

Introduced by Mattel Toys, Big Jim had a body to be proud of and he wasn’t afraid of showing it off. With actual flexing biceps, and patented “Big Jim Body Action”, this was one highly flexible action figure. The included decorative armband proved no match for his biceps of steel and could be popped off with a single squeeze. And with a mere push of a protruding dorsal button, Jim’s mighty arm would snap into action, able to break his karate board as if it were a stick of butter. These weren’t the only accessories that came with Big Jim though. A big Jim’s Sportsbook was also included, as well as dumbbells and, um, a skimpy set of shorts.

But what’s a guy without friends? To his credit, Jim had a number of equally muscular acquaintances, which in hindsight might have been a little too Village People-esque. You had Big Jeff, the blond with the khakis and machete; Big Jack, the African-American version of Big Jim; and Big Josh, the furry lumberjack with the cutoff denim shorts. Throw in a police officer and a construction worker and these guys could have gone on to enjoy a career as a successful musical act.

To read the whole article on Big Jim:

Big Jim
December 20, 2010

Incidentally, though the invaluable Retroland Retropedia is no longer linked to its front page, you can still find its extensive entries at this URL:

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